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A hegumen is the head of a monastery or convent, similar to an abbot. He is an ordained hieromonk that stands at the head of a monastic community. The hegumen leads the community, enforces all fasts and vows of their monastic tradition, tonsures all novices, and admits new ordained initiates into their monastic tradition as well. A female hegumen is called hegumenia. A hegumen of a large monastery is called an archimandrite.   Typically, hegumens have committed themselves to a religious life away from the world. However, becoming a hegumen is usually the first stepping stone in the career of a prelate, as most aspirant bishops must have experience in running a monastery before they can be considered for an episcopal appointment.


Relief from paying taxes or tribute

Religious, Clerical
Alternative Naming
Length of Term
At the pleasure of the presiding bishop
Related Organizations

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