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The Father, or Pop [pronounced POHP], is a parish priest within the True Confession. Unlike members of the Black Clergy, who preside over monastic communities or serve as church prelates over vast territories, Fathers and Mothers minister directly to the Faithful in local parishes. For most peasants, contact with these members of the White Clergy, who they affectionately refer to as Batiushka (Dear Father) or Matushka (Dear Mother) represents the vast bulk of their relationship with the Church at large. Because by custom, parish priests marry soon after ordination, their spouse becomes the second spiritual parent of their community (regardless of whether they are themselves ordained or not).   Fathers and Mothers perform the bulk of the religious mysteries that most people witness. They administer the weekly eucharist, as well as the mysteries of baptism, chrismation, marriage, confession, and holy unction, as well as the consecration of basic holy items such as candles and holy water.   In theory, priests, like bishops, possess their authority by virtue of Companionate Inheritance. In fact, the bishop wields all the sacerdotal power in a particular eparchy, while the priests (Fathers and Mothers) act in his or her stead in locales, simply because the bishop cannot be everywhere at once. In practice, however, once a person has chosen the life of a parish priest, it is difficult for them to enter the Black Clergy and aspire to become a bishop, because it would require leaving behind their family, and their flock, with which they have established a close, almost familial, relationship.


Minister to the flock


Relieved from paying taxes or tribute

Religious, Clerical
Alternative Naming
Pop, Batiushka, Matushka
Source of Authority
Companionate Inheritance
Length of Term
Usually lifelong
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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