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Father Oleg

Father Oleg is an attendant priest in the service of Archbishop Nikifor of Ladeisk. On several occasions, he served as the archbishop's liaison in interacting with Yuri Barolov's party of volunteers to rescue his family from Kochmak raiders.   The Father came across as worryingly unconcerned about the captives and the companions' plight. Whenever Yuri and others urged him to send the archbishop's soldiers to win back the captives, he always replied that the archbishop has too few men, that attacking the Kochmaki would only provoke them to do further harm, and that the archbishop's focus would now be on rebuilding. He was concerned about apprehending the miller, Zbigniev Dragutinovich, and charged the companions with returning him to Malinka. Oleg was also rather blasé when companions informed him that Zbigniev, as well as Yulian the Miller, practiced sorcery. He meted out no visible punishment to them, and seemed happy to usher the companions out of Malinka as troublemakers after Alden and Fedor complained about the stable master. He did cure Fedor of the wound he received from the vasilisk free of charge.   Father Oleg appears in Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5.


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