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Dem'ian Trofimov

Dem'ian is the nephew of Taras, a boyar who used to be the proprietor of the village that stood where Lazarevo stands now. The former village, Trofimovka, was destroyed in a Kochmak raid 40 years before the present. As it was learned, Taras was complicit in the raid. His worldly success was due to a deal he made with an 'entity' (almost certainly Baba Yaga), and he did nothing to defend his own village so its wealth could be taken from the captive villagers and transferred to her. As it turned out, the plan went astray when Plamenka caused the raiders to slaughter the villagers and each other. As a result, Taras was haunted by the massacre until the end of his days, and he willed Trofimovka to the Church on his deathbed. It subsequently changed its name to Lazarevo.   Taras' worldly success was the product of his smuggling activities. He would unload goods before they reached another village downstream, and reload them on watercraft at his fort. Rodion Raskol'nikov was his main partner on the ground. Now, 20 years after his uncle's passing, Dem'ian continues the family business, with Lionia the Red playing the same role relative the nephew as Rodion did relative the uncle.   Dem'ian lives at the Trofimov family fort - a wooden tower and enclosure about 6 versts upstream from Lazarevo, near a ford in the Vydra River. He is pragmatic, hospitable, and canny. In response to Chonkorchuk's speculation about whether the Church pressured his uncle to give up his land, he contended that the Hegumen isn't particularly corrupt, though he seems to have taken note of the story of Yaakov's erstwhile paganism. He also introduced the party to Taras' confessor, Mother Nadezhda.   Taras is a man in his forties. He is still athletic, hale and active. As far as anyone knows, he is still living at the Trofimov Fort.

Current Location
Trofimov Fort

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