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Brothers at the Holy Veil Monastery

These are both lay and ordained monks who live at the Holy Veil monastery in the Nart Quarter outside Udyn. The monastery is presided over by Hegumen Mitrofan.   The brothers eat meals collectively in a hut that serves as the abbey mess hall. They had an extended conversation with Lokan and Anatoly at one point. Lokan succeeded in frightening one monk with talk of human soup, causing the poor brother to cross himself. Another monk told Lokan that God accepts any creature - even a volkolak - if it sincerely repents, and hands itself over to the Church. This prompted Lokan to speak to Hegumen Mitrofan about getting baptized, which has now taken place. A brother named Ivan assisted Lokan in the rectory prior to the ceremony.   Another unnamed brother saw Agapia escaping from her cell just prior to that, but when he returned to the courtyard with the hegumen, he could not locate her.   The brothers are tonsured, and dress in monk's habits. They are still living at the monastery.   They appear in Chapters 11 and 12.

Current Location
Nart Quarter

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