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Archbishop's persons-at-arms

Archbishop Nikofor of Ladeisk has roughly 50 persons-at-arms who accompany him to his summer estate at Malinka. About a dozen of them accompanied Yuri to Vladykino after his brothers sent him to Malinka for aid. The expedition was led by Sen'ka Radomirovich. Sen'ka refused to allow his people to pursue the Kochmak raiders that had driven Vladykino's people into servitude. They then returned with Kesha and others to Malinka.   Later, some of them were present at the training grounds in Malinka where Fedor and Alden had a sparring contest. Several of them narrated the fight with snide commentary as the contestants made mistakes, and one threw a kopeck at Alden as a reward for the entertainment he provided.   Alden Gravenitch and Fedor still belong to this group.   The archbishop's persons at arms appear in Chapters 1, 2, and 4.

Current Location

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