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A graveyard watchman

This is the watchman of the graveyard outside the Irii Church in the Nart Quarter. He is a man in his twenties or thirties, a non-Norik, but one who can speak the language with some difficulty. He a frightened man, on account of all the unclean activity at the graveyard, and does not understand how unclean creatures can come onto hallowed ground. He informs the companions about some local adolescents who undertook to guard the cemetery one night, and were scared off. A dog they brought with them was frozen with fear or dark magic after being struck by the claws of one of the nezhit'.   The watchman has given up guarding the premises at night - a duty he has happily turned over to the companions. He closes the main gate shortly after they arrive. He says he has not seen any intruders since the first night the companions guarded the cemetery.   The graveyard watchman still lives in the Nart Quarter.   He appears in Chapters 9, 10, and 11.

Current Location
Nart Quarter

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