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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

The Irii [pronounced EE•ree•ee; sing. EE•reey] are an ancient an highly sophisticated people that live along the shores of the Southern Sea. Of old, their country was associated with paradise, as it was the land of wonders and desire - wine, but also glass, silks, holy icons, mystical tomes, alchemical fire, and much else besides. It is the land where God himself was rumored to live, and from here did the Noriki receive the True Confession. To this day, the Irii ruler is recognized as God's annointed Tsar on earth. But because of their sins, the Irii have fallen on hard times. Infidels and heretics threaten the Tsar’s city and the Holy Church from all sides – a sure sign of the End of Times.   The Irii are a dark-complexioned people, commonly with curly dark hair, and dark brown eyes.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Antipatra, Didyma, Eudokia, Euphrosyne, Helena, Irene, Maria, Megaris, Nereida, Paraskeve, Paula, Sophia, Syagria, Theodora, Zenaida, Zoë

Masculine names

Alexios, Angelos, Bessarion, Demitrios, Eugenios, Gregorios, Ioannis, Konstantius, Leo, Makarios, Manuel, Panteleimon, Spiridon, Theophanes, Vasilis

Family names

Patronymics and surnames are formed by putting os, atos, akes, poulous or ides suffixes at the end of a parent name or place of origin.

Encompassed species

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