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Continent of the Fortune Lands


The majority of the continent is flat and barren. There is almost nothing there, with the exception of puddles that form when it rains. The only major things on this continent are the huge flowers, 150ft tall and miles in diameter. The stems are almost a mile in diameter, and the petals, while soft, are immensely strong. Each of these contain towns and cities, inhabited mostly by small creatures.

Fauna & Flora

The ground here is primarily empty, but since the ground is very fertile, plants do grow here. Anything that is planted here has a pretty good chance of surviving. They are basically a miniature version of the massive city flowers. There are very few non hostile animals. The creatures there are usually horrifically aggressive unless they live on the flowers. On the flowers, however, there are many different varieties of people, from rodentfolk, pixies, and faeries to dragonlings, goblins, and srirlings. And of course, there are the giants who rule over these lands.

Natural Resources

The things this continent produces include silk and velvet from the petals of the flowers, various agricultural goods, giants hair which doubles as thread and even rope, and many plants.


When this was created, it was a thriving forest. Then, the horrors wiped it. It is among the oldest continents as it was created in 2AL. Then, after it was completely made barren, a very childish horror made a garden. It tended to the earth, which imbued it with a bit of an odd purple color. Then, it planted flowers across the continent. This all occurred by 10AL.


Many people visit these lands. However, they would have to pass through the Frozen Wasteland, which is a deterrent for many people. People who come here usually want to see the mythical and ethereal surroundings, such as the flowers as big as cities and the giants who rule over the land. When they come here, they often end up staying either in campsites on the ground, or end up staying on the flowers.
Alternative Name(s)
Land of the giants
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