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Continent of Eshaque


This continent is among the smallest continents in this world, similar in size to Dreanesia. The continent is much dryer than many others and is incredibly rocky and mountainous. Some believe that this is a result of the Horrors trying to balance out what they did to Dreanesia. The continent is split by a huge mountain range that crosses the continent. Small hills are dotted across the whole continent. These hills are incredibly rich with metals and minerals, so mining is a highly popular career. There is a huge underwater aquifer, the size of a large lake under the continent inhabited by many blind fish and various creatures that is a source of freshwater. It is completely surrounded by ocean as it is a waterlocked island.

Fauna & Flora

The average flaura here is typically cacti, dry grasses, various flowers, and many other simple dry plants. It isn't a desert, but it is quite dry, so trees are slightly uncommon here, with the exception of palms. There are lots of berries that grow freely around the continent, as well as in agriculture. As for animals, this continent has the least variety of animals, as many have been eradicated by the local cities. The currently existent ones are mostly lizards and small rodents.

Natural Resources

The main resources harvested here are minerals, stone, metals, and agricultural goods. They also export many different technologies, and even strong workers.


Originally this was a simple moderately deserted continent. It was quite dry but largely planted with many dryer plants. The Agents arrived in 301BL to harvest the natural resources of the planet. They spread out across the continents and began harvesting. However, after the Losing they were spread too thin, so they returned to the Continent of Eshaque to condense their population. The environment got screwed due to the excessive harvesting of the materials, and now it is mostly a mining civilization. In 53 AL, it separated into five countries, but by 102 AL, that was reduced to only two. Huge population hubs sprung up all over the continent, and the technology of the countries increased drastically. It is now the most advanced continent in the world.
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