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Basic Information


Agents are humanoid creatures, standing bipedally upon two long, plantigrade limbs, and with two lanky arms with dexterous hands optimized for things like tool use and fine motor control. They are typically not incredibly strong, but still are above average in terms of physical agility. They have a unique compound that exists within their skin and is not found anywhere else in Ebelar, due to their alien nature. This compound is just as frequent as any other in their home planet where Agents originally evolved, but is completely foreign to Ebelar. It's main visible effect is its magnetism, causing Agent's skin to have bands of deep blue stripes that stretch vertically up and down their bodies. In normal circumstances, they remain in these striped patterns, however, they are magnetic, and can be pulled by forces of magnetism.

Genetics and Reproduction

Agents reproduce sexually, though not as often as most other species. They gestate approximately every five years, beginning at between 50 and 70

Growth Rate & Stages

A child is born weighing around 5lbs, being around 12in in height. At around one year of age, they can speak for the first time. At around fifteen years of age, they are usually between 1.5-2 ft tall. At this point, they are usually smart enough to do relatively difficult math and speak very well. At the age of forty, their patterns fully develop, shifting from skin tone to a shade of deep blue. They react to magnets quite strongly, acting like chains of magnetic beads. They do not leave the skin, but can essentially move anywhere on it. When there are no magnets present, the lines arrange themselves from top to bottom symmetrically. They are fully grown by the age of 80 at a height of around 7'. They have a very slow growth rate, and a very long lifespan. They frequently live over 1000 years, and as a result have very long life stages.

Ecology and Habitats

They are better off in a temperate environment, and do not react well to moisture. If they are in an area with a strong amount of magnetism for a long period of time it tends to make them feel ill and uneasy, so most buildings are made with as few magnetic components as possible when prolonged exposure would be necessary.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are primarily herbivorous, with dull blunt teeth. Their teeth are strong enough to break through almost anything, as long as it can fit in their mouth, including bones. In earlier stages of evolution, this was frequently done, however in modern day it is typically considered almost barbaric in practice, and they stick to prepared food. They have the technological ability to manufacture artificial plants, so they have no need to actually grow things.


Agents are generally highly intelligent, and have a strongly curious nature. They tend to have a relatively strong superiority complex.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They have a relatively standard face, with a small pointed nose, black eyes with silver irises and gray pupils, long pointed ears. Their markings will typically run vertically up and down it. There are 7 lines on the front of the face, with one down the center of the face, one intersecting each eye, one crossing the jawbone on each side, and one that is only slightly in front of each ear.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They tend to only be found in Eshaque, but they are allowed to go really anywhere, so they are occasionally found elsewhere. They used to be far more geographically diverse, but when their population began to shrink their territory collapsed.

Average Intelligence

Highly intelligent, average 15.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Agents have moderate vision, capable of seeing fully in light and having a darkvision radius of 30ft, and due to their magnetic stripes have the capacity to determine the strength and location of magnets within 30ft of them as well.

Civilization and Culture


Agents are the only known species not native to the lands of Ebelar. They were an advanced space faring race, colonizing large portions of their local galaxy. The original effort to colonize Ebelar was not unique in any way, and was initially going very smoothly, with resource gathering and structure building both abundant. However, when the Losing occured, the remaining members of the species were stranded, lost in a world that was not their own. They lived through the immense shock of losing connection with everything they held close, and the massive changes that rocked the world afterwards. Most were forced to retreat to the most civilized part of the world at the time, an attempt to avoid the drastic shifting surrounding them.
Racial Traits
  Abilities: +2 to intelligence (can surpass 20 for a max of 22) 
Twice per long rest can replace saving throw of any type with an intelligence saving throw. This can be done after making the role but before hearing the results.
1200 years
Conservation Status
As Agents are sentient, it is illegal to kill them under murder laws, however they are not under any form of environmental protection.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Thin and lanky.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their skin varies in color from light to dark gray. They have deep blue lines that reach from the tops of their heads down to their feet, 16 in total. They are relatively evenly distributed across the body.
Geographic Distribution


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