American Centrality

American Centrality was a short-lived authoritarian state that emerged in Sector 11 during early period of Unification Wars. It began in a cluster of planets that followed a rather extremely nationalist policies even prior to the collapse of Terran Federation and achieving independence, although even they were shocked by the rise of Alexander Craig and his America First party that seized the absolute power via election frauds and straight military coups, creating an expansive fascist dictatorship.   The Centrality expansion was halted during the Battle for New Denver when the newly formed American Empire forces under admiral Jonathan Ross allied itself with the early United States of America and managed to stop the Centrality offensive. A battle (that ended in a disaster for Centrality army) caused internal strife and assasination of Alexander Craig, which - in turn - led to complete collapse of the Centrality and the annexation of its territory by either American Empire or USA.


The Centrality existed merely for a decade, during which it suffered from almost constant process of internal reforms, making its internal structure rather complicate to describe in details. It was, without a doubt, a fascist state, with everything subjected to the control of the State. Including economy, which overtime drifted from a state-controlled form of capitalism into a straight planned economy.   It was also heavily militarized, with armed forces slowly devouring the civilian parts of the government, with few last governments (they changed often) being composed mostly of high ranking officers of both army and navy. There was also an expansive internal security, tasked with weeding out political enemies and often resorting to hidden executions.

Public Agenda

Mostly, survival and - if it was possible - unification of entire Eastern American Cluster. Only outwardly it seemed like a Pact of Steel candidate. If one digs deeper, it becomes quite obvious that if the country existed today it would be an Ancien RĂ©gime part (which makes its downfall at the hands of Jonathan Ross even more ironic).   It, however, did drift towards centralization and further strengthening of the state as the time goes, making it also possible for it to devolve into an extremist regime.


American Centrality originated in the border region of Sector 11, inhabited mostly by various hardline political right adherents. Which included nationalism and the strong position of government even before Centrality was formed. It was seen as a sort of deviant, with most of the sector adhering to rather deregulated market economy.   After Unification Wars started, the area was repeatedly struck by various forces including Federation deserters and so on, causing increasing dissent. This was exploited by Alexander Craig, a leader of America First party, whose rhetoric of militarization to protect against threats and expand to eradicate those threats completely gave him a lot of popularity.   Already weak democratic government of the region collapsed (at least in terms of popularity) following an assault from the communist Union of American Socialist Republics in 2173. Craig use this occasion and launched a succesful military coup, soon reinforced by a popular vote (that the America First slightly 'fixed'). The now militarized country (still known as New Dallas Republic) managed to push the communists back.   Craig rewritten the constitution completely, using his surge of popularity following the victory. Reorganizing the country into American Centrality proper. Then he started the expansion, swiftly overwhelming several local planets, most of whose were already broken by the UASR invasion.   Series of victories achieved by the Centrality stopped the ongoing expansion of UASR and gave the rest of the sector time to reorganize. Soon the communists were losing on every front. But Centrality wasn't the only country to try to take advantage of it. Soon an all out war started between Centrality and American Empire. Centrality initially was winning, but it ended with the Battle for New Denver and the temporary alliance between Empire and USA. After the disaster that the battle turned into, the Centrality government was broken apart after Craig's assasination (the people responsible for it were never discovered, mostly due to political chaos that ensued).   Centrality space was soon mostly annexed by either Empire or USA.


Collapsed politically following Alexander Craig's assasination. As factions of the America First fought for the presidential seat (sometimes resorting to de facto local civil wars), the combined offensives of United States of America and American Empire devoured most of its territory. Ultimately destroying what remained before 2190.


Victory through Unity.

American Centrality
Victory Through Unity
Capital: Capital Spire, New Dallas.
Official Languages: English (American version)
Religion: Neocatholic Church, variety of variants.
Government: Moderate Fascism
Population: ~1 500 000 000
Currency: Various
Geopolitical, State


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