Pact of Steel

Outer Colonies Faction created by all of the extremists countries on the verge by being kicked out of the Supreme Council of Humanity for their internal (or external) policies. Together they hold enough votes in the Council to block all exclusion attempts against any or all of their members states. All of this while being one of the most politically diversed Factions, full of internal hostilities and regular hatred.
Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
Extremists, Radicals, Pact of Bastards.
Parent Organization
Confederation of Mankind
Subsidiary Organizations


Both sides hate each other, but sometimes cooperate against less radical factions.


Both sides hate eachother heavily, while also sometimes cooperating (shortly) against less extreme Factions.


Both sides hate each other, as EAU considers all of them crazy radicals, while PoS considers EAU a threat (since it would happily help in kicking them out of Outer Colonies).


Both sides feel nothing but utter disdain for each other.


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