Free State

Free State is considered one of the Outer Colonies greatest troublemakers, hated nearly equally by pretty much every other state and ideological platform that can be found throughout the stars, with even Terran Federation considering the inhabitants of Anarchy sector seriously abominable. Which says a lot.   They remain a part of Colonies by being a member state of Pact of Steel, and one of few of its members to not possess some sort of fascist or pseudofascist govenments (quite the opposite, actually). While even Fourth Reich believes them to be disgusting degenerates that it would love to purge, their votes are a necessary to ensuing further existence of the Pact, which causes their unwilling cooperation.


Free State is a manifested anarchocapitalism in its most extreme form possible. State as known by most of the humanity practically doesn't exist, with 'Free State' being a nigh 'fake' front for variety of oligarchs, corporations and so on. It doesn't even possess a government, as it is simply unneeded.   The only central power of Free States' is the Assembly, created by delegates of all arcology-cities throughout the State. This is mostly a discussion circle considering the nigh complete lack of State-wide laws and central power, that exist to maintain a ilusion of political unity towards the rest of Galaxy, to delegate emissaries to Outer Colonies as a whole, and to ensure that security corporations are sufficiently paid to defend them from neocrusades and their regular neighbours.   The state functions in Free State were completely supplanted by a variety of bilateral agreements, that are as guaranted as far a the sides' power to enforce them goes, with a variety of penances for breaking them always written... and almost always enforced.   When one side breaks agreement, there are always quallified mediators to find a way to settle the dispute (local variant of judicary system). If one side is stubborn, the next instance are leaders/councils of leaders of a city, and then Assembly as whole.   Everything in the State belong to somebody, since there exist no concept of public property. Most of it is in the hands of either various corporation or owners of arcology district of cities, which can be inviduals, corporations, group of wealthy people or a commitee of citizens as a whole. The situation varies, even inside the same 'city' (which in most cases has no central power, much less government).   About corporations from Free State the less is said the better. Calling them ruthless capitalists would be an understatement, since they tend to completely disregard laws considered something forced by 'tyrannical' governments, which are generally something of the past. With even Assembly - sort of a government wanna be and a limit to 'freedom' of capitalism – being there simply for the need to be prepared for those 'past' governments. Thankfully overwhelming majority of them is limited to the Free States, since they aren't really well prepared to exist outside of anarchocapitalism. Thankfully, because the example of exception from that rule is Truthseekers Corporation, considered a terrorist organization by most of Colonies and responsible for multiple atrocities commited over the years. When even Fourth Reich considers someones' work ethic as abominable, it certainly says much.

Public Agenda

Free State lacks any sort of public agenda, simply because the world 'public' is practically expunged for its language. Everything is private, thus rather than having one public agenda they have a lot of private ones.


The Free State does not possess neither fleer nor army of its own, rather than that relying (as anarchocapitalists should) by vast arrays of military corporations and various militaryforces/security forces/militias fielded by corporations and arcologies alike.   On one side, Free State forces to be ridiculously disorganized when surprised, since most of the thing in their armies have to be reorganized each other a task group/army is assembled. On the other hand their forces tend to be of vary high quality, with extremely high-tech equipmen, with ships and weaponry at least a decade younger than the average Outer Colonies if not the second one in the line).   They, however, lack the ideology-powered fanaticism being sometimes more than capable of closing the technological gap. With neocrusades being a great example, with each and every one of them driving the Free State to the very edge of abyss, with victories coming only through outproducing enemy (via most efficient armament corporations), with even the most well payed corporation militias fleeing in front of the crusaders.


[to be written]

Demography and Population

The biggest source of problems Outer Colonies have with Free State is its population. Only a fragment of Free State's inhabitants are considered citizens - possesing at least some wealth, up to all-powerful oligarchs - while the rest - up to 80% in some areas - are a pieces of property. Simply slaves.   Those that fail to earn enough money and go into debt and all criminals (even the smallest) are redesignated slaves. Most of them are treated as nothing better that organic robots, used in production and as cannonfodder. The rest are treated even worse, as a 'toys' of free citizen and oligarchs alike, exploited mercilessly in very sexualized culture of Free State.   With every sexual perversion completely legal, and an ever going race of who proves to be even more debauched than the last one (not to mention vast market of biological and cybernetic 'improvements') they are at least as abominable in the eyes of most of Colonies as Fourth Reich.   Out of approximately 25 000 000 000 inhabitants merely about 5 000 000 000 are citizens, while the rest are slaves. 75% homo sapiens sapiens, 24,5% Variants, 0,5% aliens. Religions are very marginal, as while not banned, most of citizens finds no real need for it, with exceptions of various sexualized heresies. The situation is different amongst the slaves, as many of them finds solace in it, but with exact numbers unknown.

Free State
Capital: Assembly City
Official Languages: Variety
Religion: Atheism
Government: None
Faction: Pact of Steel
Current ruler: Assembly
Population: Approx. 25 000 000 000.
Currency: Credits
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Parent Organization
Pact of Steel


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