Fourth Reich

Fourth Reich is one of the militarily strongest countries in the Outer Colonies, and also one of the founding states of Pact of Steel. It is also one of the most widely (and universally) hated countries in the Human Space. Mainly because in terms of human casualties it surpasses all other countries, maybe with exception of Terran Federation.


Political system of Fourth Reich is national socialism, created to be similar to the one from Third Reich. Center of state is a monolithic Germanic Party, to which majority of society belongs. The private entrepreneurs exist - some of them being the head of major corporations - all of them are however controlled by Reichswirtschaftsministerium, that sets prices according to interventionism ideologies.   The very important part of Reich's political system is the strict division between humans and subhumans. The first are natural Germans (or, to be exact, all homo sapiens with necessary traits like being caucasian worshipper of national socialism). The rest are people that lack necessary traits and all Variants (since the time of Hakenkreuz the party went 'lax' and no longer exterminates them). Aliens are to be exterminated on sight.   The head of state is Fuhrer, whose deputy - and successor - is the official head of Germanic Party. His power is absolute, although to some point limited by what their underlings relay to them. Which is the cause behind several Fuhrers reduced to being a marionettes of their advisors.

Public Agenda

The one and only agenda is the conquest of the rest of Sector 17. That's an agenda that Reich's attempts for more than a century, to no avail, especially because both Kaiserreich and Holy Roman Empire tend to cooperate against their hated enemies.


When the Unification Wars struck, the Magna Germania had relative luck of remaining a stable region for quite long. This happened mainly due to the actions of admiral Nishimura of Federation Navy, that managed - despite the ongoing chaos - to safe his fleet from plague of desertions and infighting... for a while, that is.   What truly killed Sector 17 as it was before the Fourth Colonial War, was the economic crisis and reliance of trade with neighbouring sectors. The crisis struck, and the governments collapsed. Soon, admiral Nishimura was murdered, his fleet was scattered by surprising raid of democrat fleet, and soon enough New Berlin, a German colony, was overrun by a faction of resurgent german ultranationalists, with their lineage dating back to First European War.   The insurgents was led by an unknown demagogue known only as Hakenkreuz. This person, armed only with his terrifying charisma and support of radical movements, managed to overthrow the democratically elected government, using a string of defeats in New Berlin war against a Variant colony, whose name was later on purged from all records.   08.11.2162 - a day of 239 anniversary of failed Hitlerputsch in Germany - was a day in which Germanic Party supporters stormed the Capital Spire, putting an end of democracy in New Berlin (soon renamed into Welthauptstadt Germania). Soon the national socialist regime spread throughout the Sector 17, with every conquered world being forced to surrender all of its resources to further fuel the string of conquests. Variants - renamed "subhuman" - were exterminated. Democrats and other enemies of state mentally reprogrammed into proper Germans, if deemed genetically valuable, or turned into slaves in the growing number of labour camps. Billions died.   In 2172 the last independent planet in Sector 17 fell before combined forces of Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht. Merely two years later Hakenkreuz died, without choosing his sucessor. The conflict ended up with regular civil war before admiral Hermann Kastner (supreme commander of Kriegsmarine) and Gunther Neumann, head of Germanic Party from the moment Hakenkreuz became a first Fuhrer.   The war that begun in 2174 ended in 2191. Dozen of millions died, with many planets depopulated to the point of recolonization. What's worse, it ended with complete stalemat between two contestants.   Neither Hermann Kastner nor Gunther Neumann managed to win the war. The second one didn't even manage to live until its end (but he, "thankfully", remembered about securing proper succession). In the end 1/3 of Sector 17 seceded from Reich, creating a new country called Kaiserreich, under kaiser Hermann Kastner, who, before death, opened labour camps and mentally reprogrammed the prisoners into proper Germans.   Reich still existed, but needed a whole century to rise from the ashes and attempt expansion towards the neighbouring sectors. And then, in 2240, yet another blow against it was struck. Jerusalem Council achieved merging of Christian churches. One of the Neocatholic Church doctrine most important points was playing more important role in the politics, to destroy regime being a threat to the Faithful - and to humanity at large. Fourth Reich became a target of First Neocrusade. The forces of several different Christian entered Reich's space in 2244, with Kaiserreich using the occasion to force Kriegsmarine to commit big parts of its forces on the other side of the Reich. The effect was the most humiliating defeat in Fourth Reich history, and creation of Holy Roman Empire.   And from then on, the stalemate in the Sector 17 begun.

Demography and Population

45% of Fourth German Reich population are regular citizens. The rest are a de facto slaves, majority of them imprisoned in a labour camps that take form and size of entire closed cities, concentrated on mining and heavy industry.
After massive genetic purges in the early times of Fourth Reich 97% of Reich's inhabitants are clean examples of homo sapiens sapiens. That are slowly getting closer and closer to becoming a separate Variant, mainly due to rigorous erasing of any artificial additions to genome... while, in a blatant case of hypocrisy, adding their own, that are supposed to "improve" the human race.


The supreme commander of Kriegsmarine is, of course, Fuhrer himself. He is, however, assisted in that task by the Oberkommando der Marine.   The fleet is constructed by the State, via various shipyard corporations. All of their ships are meticulously planned and designed, even up to the usage of archeotechs and other supertechnologies. They are strong, fast and surprisingly resilient.   Kriegsmarine is also known from their crews near suicidal courage and warships created with the focus on MAW armament. Rockets play secondary role in their military doctrine. They are also fast and armed with a lot of Close Range Weaponry, which makes charging (even numerically superios enemies) one of their favourite tactics. Also their pilots are known for their skills.
Ground Forces
The ground forces of the Reich are divided between two formations: Wehrmacht and Waffen SS. Wehrmacht is, theoretically, composed of nearly 75% of Reich's regular citizens, mainly because officially every single citizen is a part of armed forces. Most of the divisions are simply considered a reserve, with their members training from time to time, for example as a part of Fuhrerjugend.   Regular formations of the Wehrmacht made up to 4/5 of Reich's forces and are exceptionally disciplined and orderly. They are also very proficient in usage of various types of armed vehicles, especially tanks that together with mechas form up the central piece of their military doctrine.   The 1/5 that remains is Waffen SS. An elite formations, subjected to rigorous training practically from the moment of birth. Extremely well trained, physically perfect (most of them are an effect of long term eugenics combined with 'light' Gene Altering) and fanatically loyal. Their are also characterised by neopagan 'cult' of their own division that borders with real religion, together with the division totemic animal and human sacrifices.

Meine Ehre hei├čt Treue.

Fourth Reich cover
Fourth Reich
Capital: Welthauptstadt Germania
Official Languages: German
Religion: Germanic Deism
Government: National Socialism
Faction: Pact of Steel
Current ruler: Fuhrer Wilhelm Kaas
Population: Approx. 25 000 000 000.
Currency: Deutsche Mark
Alternative Names
Reich, German Reich.
Nazi, German, Reicher.
Parent Organization
Pact of Steel

Perpetual War

Both sides hate each other immensely, due to completely opposite political views and dreams of conquering the whole sector.


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