Solar Federation

Solar Federation is a crowning achievement of both centralism and, in a way, totalitarianism. It is both the biggest and most powerful country of the Galaxy... but also the biggest and most 'successful' totalitarian regime in the history of Humanity. With all typical flaws of such political systems fixed long ago, it can exist practically indefinitely. Only an external threat can vanquish it - but it is more than unlikely to happen.   There is no one to blame for its inception. There was no military coup or radical revolution. If anything, those were attempted by its enemies. No singular decision of a democratically elected leader to turn from freedom into absolute control. It took decades if not centuries for the Federation to fully evolve into its current state. If one were to try to find people guilty for it, one would have to point to most of the people inhabiting the Federation throughout history. Those that didn't sin by acting, sinned by not acting. What one generation saw as a temporary and morally wrong measure, second generation tolerated and the third supported.   Solar Federation sees the unification of Humanity as its birthright, for they are the rightful heirs of the Solar Commonwealth, the country that led Humanity through its Golden Age. This makes the wars with the Confederation of Mankind unavoidable. Despite more than twenty of such all-out wars being waged, no major border changes occurred. The two opponents are too evenly matched. Unfortunately for the Galaxy, the Federation will never give up.


Solar Federation is a centralized totalitarian unitary state, governed from the top level of Atlantis Spire on Earth. The presidents are, however, nothing more than marionettes. The true power lies in shadowy cabals of 'permanent undersecretaries', fleet admirals, generals of the Federation Army, CEOs of major corporations, and of course important players from the Internal Security Bureau. There is a constant, hidden war for the control of the Federation. It is intense that no group was in power for more than five years since the fall of the Reconciliarists.   Every ten years all inhabitants of the Federation vote for the Senate and the president. Of course, it would be too easy to simply say they have no real power. Most of senators and presidents to this day were little more than marionettes for the bureaucracy... but many become capable players in the shadowy games. Presidents turn out to be devious and intelligent enough to control the country instead of being controlled. Senators take advantage of their charisma and popular support to worm their way up the party and governmental structure.   While the Federation is undoubtedly a totalitarian regime, its biggest irony is that it's still a democracy. A terminally declined democracy, but a democracy nonetheless. Quite often the Senate became a rallying point of yet another attempt to reform the country and curb the power of the cabals. All it required is a group of idealists with few charismatic leaders. This makes elections still be important for the government. And nobody is sure how would population react to elections being called off.   There exists some form of regional governments, however, there are subjected to the absolute rule of the central government. All planetary governors are chosen by the Senate according to 'suggestions' from various bureaucratic cabals (though Senate quite often decides to spit all suggestions and go its own way). No autonomy is allowed, under any circumstances. While it saves the Federation from secessionist movements, it also makes its massive territory increasingly impossible to be governed. It takes months for the courier from Earth to reach the outer borders of the Solar Federation. Outer Colonies often exploit the fact that no governor is ready to make risky choices without acceptance of the Atlantis Spire.

Public Agenda

Solar Federation sees itself as a successor of the Solar Commonwealth, destined to reunify Humanity once again. It sees the predations of the aliens and the neverending atrocities of the Long War - and sees itself as the cure for both. Bringing the fight back to the aliens will be possible only after the political split caused by the fall of the Commonwealth will be healed. Which, while technically true, is also a lie.   Of course, it's unlikely to occur. The leadership of the Federation is well aware that conquering Outer Colonies would change the Federation into an even greater bureaucratic nightmare - or would force its decentralization. Administering the massive territory of the Solar Federation is extremely hard even now. With the territory at least four if not five times as big - and the wars against aliens - it would change from 'extremely hard' to 'absolutely impossible'. The wars are still waged, however. There are three main reasons.   First is idealism. It is true that direct control of the entire Mankind is impossible with the current state of technology. However there is a hundred different things that can change that. Successful replication of some new jumpgate system. Establishment of an FTL communication network. Waging wars against the Outer Colonies is a mean of attempting to procure such technologies for the Federation - or at least deny the Confederation the means of researching them on their own.   Second are politics. Great Wars that the Federation wages against the Confederation are a mean of influencing the power balance within the Confederation. There are groups in the Confederation that are more aggressive towards the Federation than others. Well-timed military campaigns of the Solar Federation could slightly tip the balance in favour of those less aggressive members.   Third is pragmatism. Wars are a useful political tool to keep the masses in line. You can keep them impoverished and politically suppressed if there is a war going on. And both the state of the economy and totalitarian methods of the government can be justified simply by 'it's their fault'. It's a flawless arrangement, one that is kept in place for centuries now. With none of the cabals since the Reconciliarists ever considering changing that.   Outer Colonies are perfect as a designated enemy. Filled with aliens (seen as bloodthirsty beasts), and both Variants and transhumans (subhumans, at best, as the trauma after the War of Purity runs deep). With religious extremists and nationalist radicals. With just enough power to be a threat, but not enough to defeat the Federation. This war might as well never end.



Solar Federation is one of the two contenders (the other being, naturally, Confederation of Mankind to the position of the fifth iteration of the League of Nations. After LoN there was the United Nations. Then the Council of Nations that was assembled after the Third World War by the members of the victorious Alliance for the Preservation of Democracy. After its collapse due to the Fourth World War, it was replaced by the High Council of the Solar Commonwealth. It was the fourth iteration.   Each of these organizations was the joint representation of Humanity. Typically assembled on the basis of national governments after a massive war dismantled their predecessors. Their scope expanded from Earth-based organizations (League of Nations, United Nations and early Council of Nations) through Solar System-based (later Council of Nations, early High Council) to a truly interstellar level (High Council). But then, it broke.   Humanity is today divided between two successors of the Solar Commonwealth. Both the Solar Federation and the Confederation of Mankind claim to be its sole heir. Solar Federation supports its claim with the control of all the core worlds of the Commonwealth. Including Earth, the most important world of them all. Another fact supporting the Federation's claim is that it was created mostly by members of the Commonwealth' government that survived Semann's Gambit and the destruction of Commonwealth's capital on Titan.   On the other hand, the Confederation - and its Supreme Council of Mankind - claims to be a successor in spirit, as it is a true representation of various nations and states of Mankind. Undoubtedly it's very similar to all past iterations save for the late High Council of Solar Commonwealth - the increasingly centralized group that is seen by the Confederates as the cause for the Unification Wars and the Human Schism.


Initial Expansion
Solar Federation was initially created by surviving members of the High Council of the Solar Commonwealth that weren't on Titan when the Seman's gambit came to fruition and foure ore freighters were send on a collision course with the Commonwealth's capital. Their last desperate attempts to keep the Commonwealth alive ended when all worlds of the Solar System officially seceeded. Solar Federation was created when those governmental remnants decided to consolidate its last remaining powerbase on Earth... which also caused the Fifth World War.   It ended with Unionist victory and Nationalist defeat. From Earth, the legions of the Federation marched forward. Solar System fell, one world by one. When Nationalists attempted to rise once again, a panicked military leadership of the Federation unleashed nuclear fire upon the Cradle of Mankind, cementing their control... but selling their soul. From now on, the opposition against the reunification campaigns of the Federation grew tenfold. It wasn't until the rise of the Reconciliarists that this crime found its proper punishment, but most of those responsible for it were at this point dead.   The Burning of Earth changed what should have been a police action against the rest of Human Space into a total war. Many humans were tired by the horrors of the Unification Wars. Many of them actually couldn't wait for the 'relief' from Earth, seeing the reunification of the Solar Commonwealth as the better option than constant genocides and wars - even if it had to be as authoritarian as it used to be. All of that disappeared now, together with any notion of moral superiority the Federation could hold.   First to say NO to the Federation were the countries of the so-called Green Ring - a number of primarily agricultural worlds surrounding the Solar System, created with feeding the cradle of Mankind in mind. This caused several years-long famine that ended only after the Green Ring fell to the Federation Army. The frantic assault on the otherwise low-value targets - and the atrocities committed to suppress the resistance - gave the opposition against the Federation both time and reason to be properly organized. So after the Green Ring, there was the Shanxi, the Coalition of the Islamic States, the Opportunity Alliance, the Republic of Liberty, and several other alliances of worlds near Earth. And after most of the Cradle Sector fell, the Federation's opponents united themselves. What followed was almost a three-decade-long war between the nascent Solar Federation and the so-called In Memoriam Terra, an anti-federation alliance of various Inner Colonies.   While industrial and demographic might of the Solar System eventually triumphed and the In Memoriam Terra was annexed, it was enough to deeply traumatized the Federation. It was during that time that the phobias that plague the Federation to this day formed. A lot of IMT member states were inhabited by Variants - terrified of the new potential tyranny - and religious 'extremists' - terrified of the mass extermination of their brethren during the Burning of Earth. Both of them fought with zealous devotion, leading to the Federation losing more than a billion soldiers, crewmembers... and unfortunate civilians during the war. Naturally, it responded in kind.   The gripping fear about the surviving Nationalists on Earth acting as spies for the Accord caused increasingly violent purges... which, in turn, ended up with the Federation seen as one more unapologetic evil that raised during the Unification Wars. It was attacked, betrayed, surprised and treated with hatred. Its conquered territories were plagued by insurrections and terrorist attacks. It should be no surprise that its government kept growing more and more cynical as the war continued.
Conflict with the Outer Colonies
In Memoriam Terra bought the rest of Mankind a much-needed time. As the unending tide of the Federation's soldiers began rolling over the remaining worlds of the IMT, a wave of refugees warned the powers of the Outer Colonies about the impending threat. With most of their psychopaths vanquished, and the remaining IMT planets typically fighting until their last breaths, they had time to forge an alliance.   By the time the In Memoriam Terra was officially destroyed, the Great Alliance - the predecessor of the Confederation of Mankind - was ready. Rather than waiting for the invasion, it decided to bring the war to their enemy and launched an all-out assault on the Federation. The war that spelled the official beginning of the Human Schism lasted for almost a decade - and ended up with a stalemate. Neither side could defeat the other. The balance of power was perfect.   This war led to the collapse of the wartime government. With armistice with the Alliance ending the permanent state of war that lasted for the better part of the century, there was no need for continuous martial law. The elections ended with the victory of the Reconciliation Party, also known as Reconciliarists. Their attempt to build a bridge between the Federation and the Alliance led to some successes, enough for the Federation to technically be a founding member of the Confederation of Mankind that replaced the Alliance.   Several things led to the Reconciliarists downfall. Tensions accompanying the First Contact War (the cooperation between the former-Alliance states and Federation was far from flawless). Economic dissent caused by the fact that the Outer Colonies refused to open their borders for cheaply produced goods of the Federation. Attempts to relief the racist approach towards Variants and transhumans. The fact that the Outer Colonies demanded punishment for the atrocities committed by the Federation during the conquest of the Inner Systems - that a lot if not most of the inhabitants of the Federation saw as necessary or forced (at least in case of Green Ring, rightly so) - but without demanding the same from the Federation' opponents. There was also a high probability that Reconciliarists won their last elections by election frauds.   The spark that detonated the powderkeg was the Icarus Massacre. The mutual annihilation of the former Alliance' and Federation forces guarding the Icarus Station together with Reconciliarists refusal to pursue the possibility of the station disappearance being the Alliance' plot ( it wasn't, but they couldn't know that) led to the coup. It's quite ironic that it was supported by the majority of the population and followed by elections won (overwhelmingly) by the Movement for United Humanity, the chief opposition party during the Reconciliarists government.   The remnants of the Reconciliarists fled the Federation and settled in the Outer Colonies space, becoming the ancestors of the People's Coalition for Equality and Freedom.
Next Years
What followed the fall of Reconciliarists was another war with the Outer Colonies - this time marking the official beginning of the Long War. MUH slowly usurped absolute power in the Federation (though it was done by the time the grandchildren of members that took down Reconciliarist Party were slowly leaving the party due to old age). Ever since then, the Federation remains a giant that is regularly trying to devour the Outer Colonies. To date, unsuccessfully.

Demography and Population

Technically, all inhabitants of the Federation are equal. Practically, however, some are less and some are more equal than others. The majority of the population are the Citizens - technically equal, with several guaranteed basic rights - including food, medical help, and unlimited access to internet and television, controlled by a number of public-private partnership companies dedicated to inducing political apathy and hedonism. This keeps the Citizens in line and ensures that they vote for the people that they are supposed to vote for. They live their lives in what can be described as state-controlled (and relatively efficient) cyberpunk dystopia, in tens of thousands of mega-arcologies scattered throughout the Federation. They are under constant invigilation by armies of semi-sentient AIs.   There are also the Pariahs. Political prisoners, Variants, descendants of surviving Nationalists and so on. People that do not exist. With the Federation denying their existence, and without citizenship of any country, they possess no human rights. Most of them work their lives in the penal worlds of the Penance Sector. Rest are lab rats, personal toys of Elites, or the poorest of the poor in the arcologies or (even more likely) outside of them. With their lack of citizenship making it impossible for them to hold real jobs, their options are limited to begging (barely enough to survive), prostitution and becoming criminals. With the Federation denying their existence, nobody knows how many of them are out there. It is believe that their numbers vary greatly. In most worlds they are gone for centuries, long ago assimilated or deported.   There are also the Elites. It is not an official term, as officially they are all just common Citizens. Practically, there are first among equals. They occupy the most important positions in the army, navy, security forces, corporations, media, research stations, politics, etc. etc. They are truly free, they could technically shoot and murder people on the streets, and both media and police would cover it up (though relying on such help would limit their standing, which is the chief reason why they aren't doing that constantly).


Solar Federation controls ten star sectors colonized during the earliest years of human expansion. A long, long time ago - during the inception of the Federation as a country that is known today - they were heavily reorganized in the greatest example of the planned economy. They were divided into certain roles and with new hyperlanes created to accommodate new and reorganized trade routes. Which was a truly titanic achievement, able to be achieved only in a totalitarian state capable of smashing all opposition to it with an iron fist.   Sector 01 - Cradle is a central star sector, located in the very center of Human Space. In the center of it lies Solar System, a capital of Federation. Surrounding it are earliest colonies, well developed during centuries (despite inefficient centralized management). A notable part of it is the Green Ring, a number of worlds dedicated to food production that keep the Solar System afloat.   Sector 02 - Forge is one of three star sectors dedicated to heavy industry, supplying the entire Federation with its products, especially starships and armaments.   Sector 03 - Anvil is one of three star sectors dedicated to heavy industry, supplying entire Federation with its products, especially starships and armaments.   Sector 04 - Hammer is one of three star sectors dedicated to heavy industry, supplying the entire Federation with its products, especially starships and armaments.   Sector 05 - Bulwark is a star sector dedicated to the needs of Terran Federation armed forces, both Navy and Army. It is filled with barracks, fleet moorings, and repair shipyards, not to mention entire planets (or even star systems) dedicated to serving as military training grounds.   Sector 06 - Paradise is one of three star sectors dedicated to hosting Federation massive population and light industry/agriculture. Many agricultural worlds... and many filled to the brim with population, painted with arcologies housing billions of citizens.   Sector 07 - Harmony is one of three star sectors dedicated to hosting Federation massive population and light industry/agriculture. Many agricultural worlds... and many filled to the brim with population, painted with arcologies housing billions of citizens.   Sector 08 - Utopia is one of three star sectors dedicated to hosting Federation massive population and light industry/agriculture. Many agricultural worlds... and many filled to the brim with population, painted with arcologies housing billions of citizens.   Sector 09 - Progress is a star sector dedicated to research and development, housing most of universities and scientific cadre, granting them quite decent living standards and allowing to focus on their work.   Sector 10 - Penance is a dreaded star sector changed into a massive labor camp for political prisoners, descendants of political prisoners (sometimes dating back to Fourth World War) and PoW taken during another war for the unification of humanity.


FFederation Navy is gargantuan in size, rivaling - or even surpassing - the rest of humanity combined. With several thousands of battleships and dreadnoughts as it's main force, further supported by a few dozen thousands of escort units and millions of fighters.   The quantity does not come in pairs with quality. Federation Navy is underequipped in terms of archeotechs, with its technology as a whole much behind the Outer Colonies. With Federation's Navy being far behind even the least technologically advanced of the Colonies. This is caused mainly by its size (which makes it much harder to govern) but also by how backward the Federation as a whole is.   On the other side, the quantity is also a quality of sorts. During repeated attempts of unifying Humanity, it tends to achieve many curbstomp victories early on, while ultimately falling to logistical problems and relentless defense of the Outer Colonies (not to mention trade interdiction attempts).
Ground Forces
Federation Army is even more gargantuan in size that its Navy. It's hard to even estimate the overall number of enlisted soldiers, but it's surely at least twenty billion, with the possibility to rise much more by mass conscription during wartime. Those twenty billion are merely a peacetime number. With pretty much every citizen receiving basic training, the overall number of reserves surpasses one trillion.   While it is true that quantity is a quality of sorts, logistics required to field such an army is as big as the army itself. Because of that, every conscripted unit tends to be grossly underequipped, with many units missing not only ammunition and food but even weapons. Even regular units typically are equipped worse than those of the Confederation.   What's more, even the units considered elite are at best average in standards of more military-oriented countries of Outer Colonies. This includes Enhanced, who are numerous but of low quality. What's considered average for the Federation is typically either substandard or horrible according to such countries.

Technological Level

Despite supplying its research cadre with above average living standards, Federation is still a rather technologically backward state. It is mostly caused by low level of education and everpresent politics, with scientists often recruited on a basis of their political correctness rather than knowledge.   This is all made even worse by horrible inefficient management everpresent, making introduction of new technologies and design very painful and long, even if Federation really wants (and needs) it. This also lead to current doctrine of shipbuilding, which includes triangle-like ships instead of cigar-shaped like in Federation, due to the need of having more weaponry and thicker hull to counter enemy quality by quantity.


Solar Federation is an atheist country. It is state atheism that's also rather militant. Religion is active - and often brutally - suppressed. This is backed by a combination of disdain for religion ('opium for the masses') and active hatred (for 'religious fanatics' that 'killed the Solar Commonwealth'). The local equivalent of art and the media often mocks religions (sometimes in an extremely blasphemous way), but it's pretty much a cultural thing at this point.   Speaking plainly, very few inhabitants of the Federation had contact with any actual religion. They are apathetic even in their atheism. In fact, 50 to 80% of Federation POWs taken by the religious states of the Outer Colonies ends up converting while in prison camp. The rate is only a bit better than the one for political conversions. All you need to do is to isolate the Elites and make serious attempts at conversion of the Citizens.   Despite being officially atheist and rationalists, a fair number of Citizens (all of them after really bad education) are highly superstitious and, in a way, 'spiritual'. This is mostly allowed by the State because there is no unity in that. With every person having their own set of para-religious beliefs, the chances of it becoming some sort of unifying anti-Federation platform is non-existent.

Foreign Relations

The Solar Federation does not possess foreign relations, nor a diplomatic corps. The only group they could technically conduct diplomacy with is the Confederation of Mankind - and there is nothing but war and temporary truces between them. With neither side interested in ending the war via negotiations.   There is nothing but contempt for the aliens in the Federation, though it's at least partially understandable - most aliens aren't exactly friendly. With Outer Colonies isolating the Federation - and said contempt - diplomacy with them is impossible as well.

Strength through Unity, Unity through Strength

Solar Federation
Capital: Atlantis Spire
Official Languages: Terran [simplified English]
Religion: State Atheism, all religions outlawed
Government: Totalist Democracy
Current ruler: President William Alexander
Population: Estimated at 2 to 3 trillions.
Currency: Terran Dollar
Alternative Names
Central Systems, Inner Systems, Terran Federation, Unionists
Federal, Feds, Unionist.
Legislative Body

Eternal war, with truces signed only to rebuild the forces before another conflict.


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