American Empire

American Empire is an odd country, created when admiral Jonathan Ross gained dictatorial power in one of american colonies in Sector 11. He achieved it by the democratic means, as his country needed centralized governance to resist onslaught of two extremist stats, Union of American Socialist Republics (extreme communists, whose remains formed People's Republic of America) and American Centrality(fascists).   Admiral Jonathan Ross managed to achieve victory, preserving liberty and conquering vast parts of both UASR and Centrality during the early Unification Wars. Thus foundation of an American Empire was layed, with the country fully established following admiral Ross denial to give up his dictatorial power, soon transforming his state into a very odd autocracy.


Government in American Empire is fundamentally dual. One part is American Congress, known commonly as Imperial Congress. It is internally divided into three chambers. First is Senat (populated by two representatives per inhabited world), second is House of Representatives (populated accordingly to population), and third is Council of Liberty.   Senat and House of Representatives are central legislature organization that also have a right to interrogate and inquire officials about day-to-day work of Empire. They can issue bills that need to be then followed by both population and Executive Comitee, the government of Empire. In short - Executive Comitee and Imperial Congress serve as legislature and executive in a fairly democratic way.   And there, there is Emperor. Supreme commander of military and navy, and a person that can overrule any law issued by Congress, that appoints members of Executive Comitee (with Congress proposing candidates, but without the need to choose actually from them), that can theoretically imprison and/or execute whoever he wants. His word is law. He has a right to completely ignore all laws, as long as he believes that the liberty of the citizens requires it. With support of the security forces, invigilation and army support they are able to ensure the safety and stability of the Empire.


Extremely liberal, with expansive small and medium business sectors supported personally by Emperors. While the economy is on the verge of being libertarian, the rulers are still fully capable of intervening however they are wish, including sudden, overnight nationalization of anything they want - while this happens in a moments where one of the companies achieves monopol, or is deemed to be subversive to the state, the sheer danger of this is a solid limiter to the economic expansion.

Public Agenda

American Empire's public agenda is defending - and expanding - liberty under the enlightened rule of American Emperors, who are seen (according to public propaganda but, in a way, also in reality) as a benevolent protectors of Liberty, ready to act and defend it even if public was somehow swayed by extremist ideology, making them a fix for defficiencies of democracy.   While a member of Ancien Régime, they are one of the least authoritarian states, allowing for a great level of personal liberty while ensuing the supremacy of central power. Their wars against United States of America and American Unity are caused mostly by American War as a general - USA sees it as a dictatorship, while American Unity is forced to remain in the middle to avoid being swallowed by either side.


Freedom Fleet is a potent military power - expansive in number, and with relatively high quality. Their tactics focus on artillery (mainly MAW) making them more or less similar to majority of navies in Human Space, while significantly different from their main oponent, US Navy (that uses a lot of voidcraft carriers).   On the other hand, it has no noticable weaknesses. Its crews tend to be well motivated and educated, its officers present a decent level of expertise, and its territory is relatively small allowing it to defend itself succesfully and do not suffer from logistical problems.
Ground Forces
Freedom Army is a well motivated and well equipped (if not slightly... original in terms of uniforms and general aesthetics of soldiers), filled with near fanatical devotion to the idea of Liberty. They fight a wars of liberation for their beloved Emperor and for the freedom of the people! How could they not be proud of this   Ground forces of American Empire can be divided into Minutemen - similarly to American Unity, it is a formation of general militia, used as regular infantry during invasions of imperial planets. There are also core Freedom Army forces, a mix of mechanized and armored divisions.   There is also an elite formation of Imperial Guard. While their uniforms tend to be rather... interesting (with lots of american/eagle symbolism) they are also a truly elite formation, made from best and most loyal (to the point of fanatical devotion) soldiers given best equipment and trainings, used to break the frontline   The general aesthetics can be summed up by comparing it to this: Show spoiler

Demography and Population

70% homo sapiens sapiens, 22% Variants, 8% assimilated aliens. General equality, with complete lack of any sorts of aristocracy (considered incompatible with american culture). Socially conservative, with conservatism seen as a guarantee of stability and enough births to replenish loses sustained during the wars.   While generally extremely liberal, American Empire does not extend Liberty to enemies of State. The collectivists - a common terms of all sort of 'statists', including fascism, communism, socialism or even social democrats - are persecuted relentlessly by security forces, and prone to 'disappearing'. Picturing political opponents as 'collectivists' isn't that rare, and was used especially often during the reigns of emperors who attempted to expand their power and play more direct role in politics.   Only religious organizations are allowed to lobby for any sort of non-radically liberal policies, with even Roman Catholic Church social teachings considered radically 'left' and sometimes shunned or distrusted even by its nominal members. The same situation is with worker's unions, that are allowed only if they are either religious or state-controlled, with no strikes allowed - in fact, they can be considered mostly a self-help organizations.   In terms of religion the state is heavily divided. It is also what makes the American Empire unique among its other Ancien Régime peers is its general religious freedom that is considered a part of Liberty as a whole.   Ultimately, however, there are only certain religions that really fit in the American Empire's society. Circa 24% of population are adherents of Church of Unity from American Unity, 17% are Roman Catholics, next 34% are two local churches - 19% are members of Church of Liberty while 15% are a part of Imperial High Church - with 7% Eastern Orthodox and 5% are baptists from churches not being a members of Church of Unity. Rest 13% are either non-denominational or indifferent.
American Empire
Eagle Yet Flies
Capital: Imperial Spire, New Baltimore.
Official Languages: English (American version)
Religion: Neocatholic Church, variety of variants.
Government: Enlightened Absolute Monarchy
Faction: Ancien Regime
Current ruler: Emperor John IV Ross
Population: ~21 000 000 000
Currency: Imperial Dolar
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Eagle Empire, Land of Liberty.
American, Imperial.
Parent Organization
Ancien Régime


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