United States of America

USA are one of the few remaining democratic superpowers and a cornerstone of New North Atlantic Treaty [NNAT], forever in war with surrounding it splinter states sharing its own cultural and political heritage, while simultaneously being at the forefront of every Terran Federation incursions into Outer Colonies, making it develop a surprisingly high level of militarization. While not being blameless and having its own fair share of internal problems, war criminals and aggresive politics, it is one of the most significant forces of 'good' – at least in its tradition meaning - remaining in the Galaxy.


United States of America was founded during the so called Third American Civil War by a significant group of Federation Navy deserters, democratic corsairs and politicians of all political platforms during the early Unification Wars in the center of Sector 11, one of star sectors colonized mainly by refugees and emigrants from Northern America. Their dream was a resurgence of United States of America – country long dead, killed in the aftermath of Third World War – in all of its glory. A new state, with all the goods of the original USA, but without its flaws that ultimately caused its downfall. A new country built under the banner of freedom.   They took as much as they could from first United States, trying to reignite the sentiments for the great past of american people. For this reason were now only the names of themselves (New Founding Fathers) but also the officialy signed Declaration of Independence (written on paper, with long lists of signatures on it), making their secession from Terran Federation and official move. They also written – while simultaneously waging war against a variety of threats and attempting to spread their new United States throughout Sector 11 – a brand new Constitution, heavily influenced by the old one, based on the same conservative-liberal principles (or at least New Founding Fathers interpretation of them) with all the necessary modernizations.   United States of today are a federation of several hundred semi-autonomous 'states', led by a president elected via indirect votes with electors from the member states as the medium. The system of two parties wasn't implemented, with a variety of smaller political platforms forming an interesting addition to two main political platforms that 'follow' footsteps of 'their great predecessor'. All of them are relatively stable and long-term in existence, with no new parties rising for last 200 years and political activity closed within these parties.   There also exists a Congress, formed by members of all existing parties plus independent candidates that won local elections, whose main job is limiting the danger the president might pose to democracy of United States.   Unfortunately, the everpresent danger posed by American Commune, Confederated States of America, American Unity, People's Republic of America and American Empire – who, thankfully, also wage wars against each other – and the need to defend their territory (and prosecute their eternal war of liberation) in to sectors simultaneously to led to rather far militarization of USA society.   Today the voting rights are achieved by serving for at least five years in army or fleet (with overwhelming majority of citizen actually going through it, which makes it not as much a limitation to the democracy as it seems to be) which grants the right to vote. Right to be elected is achieved by either serving for ten years, gaining medal for battlefield courage, reaching officer rank and so on. During years it caused quite a bit of scandals (with wealthy people buying their way into officer's rank to achieve right to be elected), on the other hand making most ambitious and intelligent people go through military course, giving the state the much needed warfare without the need to consider open conscription system.
US economy remains one of its stronger trump cards, with their high number of very efficient companies and with competition forcing them to seek for more advanced means of production. It has however a downside of creating a sort of unwritten 'caste' of wealthy oligarchs, that are believed to influence politics from time to time, by some considered a permanent threat to the democracy.   Thankfully, the oligarchs are only human (or variant/aliens), making them unable to form a cohesive group, with many internal movements tending to tear themselves apart in economic warfares. Although gossips of schemes and plots exist all the time, with anti-corporation presidents sometimes rising to power via such rhetoric. Which tends to lead to a period of bigger governmental intrusion into the economy, however never long enough to cause bigger disturbances.

Public Agenda

USA has a singular public agenda that over the years become an essence of the state. Defending and spreading democracy throughout the Galaxy, firstly to the other american states in sectors 11 and 19 it is forced to fight a forever war against, secondly to all other 'abominable states' in the Human Space.   Thus, United States of America can be safely summed up as democratic crusaders. Forever ready to prosecute their war of liberation against any country that they deem abominable. Their relentless pursue of this goal makes them one of the chief reason for the neverending 'Third Civil War' in the american-settled part of space – called 'American War' by most other countries, with only US believing it to be nothing more than a civil war against regimes temporarily occupying parts of American territory.   While considered 'radical' by other NNAT members – which can be summed as 'extremist, but on our side' with all the hypocrisy involved – it is definitely a force of good, whose existence not only makes dangerous states like American Commune and Confederated States of America unable to expand, but also means a lot to a variety of third world democracies, permanently besieged by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.

Demography and Population

While the USA seems to possess a truly 'titanic' population, it is in fact a very loosely populated country, with many arcology-states no bigger than states of first US. And with whole planets having no more than few dozens of them.   This is caused by a lack of internal breeding program similar to those used by Terran Federation or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to artificially rise their population faster than it rises normally. While US does leads permanent war, the casualties are made up for by sheer number of population combined with prodemographic programs (including a complete ban of abortions, the biggest 'intrusion' in the lifes of the population by the US government). In the end the population as the whole still rises – despite the wars waged – but veeery slowly.   It is also a country of tolerance, where many faiths intertwine (with Neocatholic Church making up for a small majority of around 60%, with the next Paleocatholic Church having circa 15%), while the more radical groups of them still being actively surpressed. With 65% of population being humans (25% are Variants and 10% aliens) it is also one of the most genetically divided society in the Galaxy.   With all inhabitants equal in front of the law (or at least officially, since those who have more money and better standing still can hire better lawyers) and rather high level of life, it is considered one of the best places to live in in the Galaxy, with the only major problem being a governmental surveillance targeted with various radical associated with hostile states faced in Third American Civil War, which however can be understood considering the fact that it is simply wartime, with US managing to keep high level of civil liberties even despite this being the through (and pleasant) surprise.


US Navy remains a force to reckon with, composed of a vast ammounts of supercarriers around which a task forces of other capital ships and smaller units are assembled, making voidcraft a very important part of its combat tactics. While initially started as a sort of a fashion – with voidcraft and voidcraft carriers seen as descendants of aircraft and aircraft carriers of first US – with centuries long tedious process of improval helped with combat experience it changed into something different.   Today US Navy's voidcraft are considered to be probably the most deadly units of this type in Human Space, with only sheets capable of achieving victory against them while relatively similar in numbers in known part of the Galaxy. With well trained and extremely motivated pilots, high level of technological soffistication and tactics from hundreds of years available to officers, they are a deadly threat to anyone.   The rest of US Navy is much more typical, with big number of battleships (mostly balanced between artillery and missile weaponry) and fast battleships. Technologically advanced, and constructed by well payed and well educated shipyard workers, they are also considered to be of outstanding quality.
Ground Forces
Ground forces of United States of America can be divided into three groups. First is US Army, a regular and well armed forces, known for their extremely good cordination, wonderful air support and big number of mechanized infantry and tanks, that it can use to deadly efficiency especially in mobile maneuvers.   Second is National Guard formed of great number of infantry divisions, armed nearly as well as regular forces but not as well trained and not a regular formation. They are civilians that undergo regular military trainings and are then called to arms when their planet is attacked or when US Army needs somebody to garrison a conquered part of enemy planet to be able to focus on liberating rest of it.   Third is, well, majority of population. The right to possess weapon and train with using it was written into constitution by the New Founding Father at the very beginning of the United States of America. Many of them form a paramilitar organization, that tend to resist all invaders by means of guerilla warfare, forcing enemy to divide a notable part of their army to pacify the population. While generally considered a nuisance by the areas not attacked for long (with them sometimes resisting 'tyrannical' actions of government) they are much more supported by the public in contested ares, when they are a most welcome addon to the US Army and National Guard.

In God We Trust

United States of America
Capital: Columbia Spire, New Washington.
Official Languages: English (American version)
Religion: Neocatholic Church, 40% others.
Government: Democratic Republic
Faction: New North Atlantic Treaty
Current ruler: President William Alexander
Population: ~55 000 000 000
Currency: American Dolar
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
United States, US of A.
Parent Organization
New North Atlantic Treaty


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