Ancien Régime

An Outer Colonies faction composed of a variety of absolute (or even despotic) monarchies, permanent dictatorships and oligarchies, whose main political agenda can be summed to be 'let all remain as it is'.   While being - in most cases - heavily militant countries with expansive security forces, they are also relatively tame in matter of terror. While censorship exists, it doesn't exist to force a single approach on history and politics but prefers to fish out publications potentially subversive. While security forces exist, they prefer exile or other non-lethal penances to bloody purges. Many of them even accept a variety of mental sculpt, as long as the citizens still bent their knee to the State.   While tending to be authocratic and disliking democracies, they are also MUCH more hateful towards totalitarian regimes, knowing exactly that you can't build long term positive relationships with such states, as they will always backstab you. They prefer either status quo, or small victories of the centrist factions (NNAT and RPC) to which they are in most cases counted in.

Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
Regimists, Autocrats.
Parent Organization
Confederation of Mankind
Subsidiary Organizations


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