Alfheimian Empire

Alfheimian Empire is a rare example of a Variant country that managed to gain enough military power to become a superpower, in the end gaining control over entirety of its star sectors which made it one of the strongest countries is known part of the Galaxy. It is also a empire that resides in the very interesting political situation, aligned with Ancien Regime and ready to do a lot just to remain in peace, with status quo being a most desired thing in alfheimian politics.   The creator of colony of Alfheim was an extremely wealthy industrialist from Earth, who - using his money - changed children of himself, and other colonists, into a Variant. Known as homo sapiens alfheimi, commonly also 'elves'. Since the the creator of the colony seemed to be a great fan of those, practically making his new colony with Tolkien elves in mind during the creation of culture, architecture and religion of the planet of Alfheim, designing it into a true 'elven' state in space.   Since he invested a great ammount of money into variety of 'improvements' - making elves as they should be, tall, beautiful, long-lived and smarter than most - the effect was a particularly interesting type of Variants, that - only slightly surprisingly - won it's local part of Unification Wars... in the meantime commiting the worst genocide in history... with most of the other states actually chastising them for not doing it even more succesfully.


Alfheimian Empire is, on its very basis, a federation of semi-autonomous planets ruled over by elven aristocracy since the Alfheimian Empire took over the entirety of Sector 21. This 'aristocracy' in most cases were introduced in the very same way, with the lord moving in together with a relatively small entourage, and replacing the local governments. Remnants of them remain, as the planets of Alfheimian Empire are mostly self-ruled, with the local population allowed far degree of autonomy for following the rather loose in that matter laws of the Empire.   Genes of elves were made to be dominant, with children made between human and elf being mostly the latter. The planetary lords of Alfheimian Empire - together with their entourages - were actually encouraged to crossbreed with local elites, after few generations changing them into some sort of middleground population of elves varying in culture between alfheimian and local, overtime leaning towards the former.   Above the lords is the emperor himself (or herself, since in Alfheim Empire both genders are considered equal), who unlike the name is more of a constitutional monarch, with his power limited by law, all transgression against it judged by the court of aristocrats.   While at the beginning lordship was limited to humans, it changed overtime, especially as elves spread throughout the population of the subjugated planets, with more and more elves not exactly alfheimian, but rather local (with many humans actually more pro-alfheimian). In the end, all citizens were allowed too hold lordship, beginning with a variety of planets only exploited rather than properly colonized, but that was only a temporary state, with the effect being full equality.   Over time the elves spread throughout the societies, with alfheimian influences slowly changing planet after planet, with more and more pre-alfheimian organizations (local governments and so on) replaced with lower strata of feudal lords, sometimes up to the level of towns and villages. With the number of elves growing over time simply because they tended to be beautiful and intelligent, slowly rooting out human population (while leaving local traditions and cultures, creating local variants of alfheimian culture) simply by outbreeding them.
In the end, this is a simple feudal monarchy, with many levels of nobility to whom entirety of industrial potential, army and so on belonging to the nobles. That is rather peaceful in nature, prefering economy growth (based on their feudal society, since there exists no 'capitalist' class, with everything belonging to the nobles), over military campaigns, with war against svartálfari being their last significant military campaign.

Public Agenda

Alfheim Empire prefers peace and harmony to military adventures, remaining a quite isolationist state that mainly wants to keep themselves out of the chaos of Human Space and Galaxy at large. However they are not beneath playing politics on international stage as long as keeping extremists in safe distance is involved.   With relatively slow (peaceful and harmonius) feudal economy they are absolutely incapable of fighting an all out war against any superpower, with political prevention and heavy defenses of hyperlanes being their main weapons in their permanent war against wars itself.


Alfheimian Empire began during Unification Wars, when elves managed to triumph over a 'slightly' genocidal, racist New Panama Republic, conquering it and beginning the process of long-term assimilation. With more and more wars going around, the elves decided to launch another campaign, with self defence in mind. And then another one. And so it went. What helped elves were the significant group of Federation Navy personnel, that after seeing the general horror around decided to settle in the elven paradise world, giving them their ships (and their service) in exchange for being able to live there.   Back then elves weren't as pacifistic and feudal, with their country not being above military adventures and general conquests, not to mention still having elements of capitalism. The turning point was long and bloody war against svartalfri - a dark elf-like variant, created by some deviant and wealthy individual in secret, without even Federation knowing it.   Svartalfari as a species collectivelly (with few exceptions) reached a level of insanity in which Adolf Hitler would probably seek professional help. Their genocidal, slave-based society waged a war of conquest, trying to turn the entire sector into den of things better left unspoken.   Elves - and humans they conquered - finally won. It was a long and bloody struggle, which more or less ended with stalemate. Finally, elves achieved a surprising victory in space battle, one that temporarily pushed the odds of war in their favour. Of course, this was far from winning war. Dark elves could have rebuild their fleets. But temporarily, elves could reach quite deep with their raids.   Elves decided to prevent that. They've begun the September Purge. Their fleets reaching one dark elven planet after the other. Destroying orbital installations. Ripping everything that moved via space into shreds. And then destroying the planets. Their salvoes in seconds evaporating seas, burning cities, ripping even the planets themselves apart. At least one hundred million lives extinguished within a month of synchronized assaults.   Elves created Ghoul Stars - a dead region on the verge of their sector, which noone but ghosts visit. With whole planets shattered into pieces, with ruins of arcologies and cities still visible, all their inhabitants long dead and dust. With only few remaining ships and warships of svartalfari fleeing into the depths of space.   While purging svartalfari was something the elves - and most of the Galaxy - were ok with, the death of slaves was something much different. Their collective shock and disgust for what they did leading to their current pacifism, that is better understandable as a fear of war... and a bit of fear of themselves.

Demography and Population

Today, around of 40% of alfheimian society are elves, the rest 60% being humans and other Variants (c. 4%). In terms of religion, the Alfheimian Empire's state religion is alfheimism, which is a synthesis of Christianity with ancestor and nature worship. It's close enough to be considered just a bit unique autonomous church in a communion with New Vatican, though it's pacifism puts it a bit outside the Res Publica Christiana and mainstream Neo-Catholic Church.   The general number of citizens is extremely low for a all-sector state, with most of the local cities and arcologies created to be beautiful, with lots of art and natural elements. Arcologies are actually rare, with citizens preferring open cities.


Imperial Navy is composed of a relatively average number of capital ships, created with typical, balanced armaments in mind, without any brilliant tactics but also without being too outdated.   They are focused mainly on defending hyperlanes, with significant pickets spread throughout systems they control to defend against hyperspace threats and so on. They are created with being - nearly - an art in themselves, beautifully decorated, both on the outside and inside. They are still deadly units, although the way they are constructed shows the general pacifism of the elves, dating back to the trauma of Unification War against Svartálfari.
Ground Forces
Besides ~two million strong Imperial Guard, their ground forces are rather abysmal. Lots of local forces, treated more like militia, with army used as a deterrent against possible insurgents (which happen, although very rarily), and in case of being attacked by some other power.   Imperial Guard is decently trained and armed, with their equipment as much of an art as Imperial Navy's ships. They are more of a honour guard, but one that can be still considered a decent fightng force.

Through Peace Comes Harmony

Alfheimian Empire
Capital: Imperial Spire, Rivendell
Official Languages: Aflheimian
Religion: Afheimian Faith
Government: Feudal Monarchy
Faction: Ancien Regime
Current ruler: Emperor Eledin II
Population: ~16 000 000 000
Currency: Alfheimian Denar
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Alfheim, Elven Empire.
Elves. Alfheimians.
Parent Organization
Ancien Régime


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