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Livastian Artficial Intelligence

LAI can refer to just about any robot you come across; the tank MAI you saw helping a friend with their errands? That's an LAI. The litter-collecting drone you saw on the sidewalk near the local park? Also an LAI! No matter what form they take on and no matter how versatile or niche their roles may be, all LAI hold a valuable place in modern society for the contributions they make.

Basic Information


Livastian Artificial Intelligence (LAI) quite literally encompasses every robot in the union of Livastia that has sentience and/or consciousness. This means that when someone is referring to an LAI, they can mean anything from a simple Siphus robot to a robot with equal or even above human intelligence.

Dietary Needs and Habits

There's a wide variety of fuels that LAI are capable of using depending on the type. With smaller LAI, it's usually a given that they run on battery power, and larger LAI begin moving into the territory of liquid fuels. Liquid fuels consist of anything from plant based fuels to just water, and while it's very rare, some still run on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, though, are usually seen much more commonly with historical objects like old, simple engines.

Additional Information


Due to the manner in which LAI came to be, they never really had to be adjusted to living alongside humans, but in their programming, they are equipped in a way that it's instinctually easier for them to both communicate and form bonds with humans.

Scientific Name
Livastian Artificial Intelligence
Conservation Status
Extremely common, much more-so than even humans.

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