The area felt intense senses and the tingling of Aether ran along his skin. The earth trembled under his feet as another localized quake hit the area. He shifted his vision to see and was nearly blinded by the intense buildup of Aether in this cave. With a town just a few hundred meters from the cave, Delam knew this could be a potential disaster. This was one of the largest Aether Flares he has ever encountered. If it went off it could possibly take out half the mountain and the nearby town with it. He alone could not hope to suppress this flare no did he believe that help would arrive in time. Running as fast as his enchanted boots would carry him. He worked to evacuate the town to the nearby hills for protection, he didn't know how much time he had but work with a fury and conviction he has never had before. Within an hour he has managed to move that majority of the town to what he believe to be a safe distance. As they hunker down an enormous quake rolled through the area followed by a blinding explosion of light in the distance and chunks of rock and debris rained down among them.
Arcanist Delam Excerpt from his travel journal

Aether is the manifestation of arcane energy within the entirety of Liria. The energy itself that permeates the world can not be seen on a normal basis except through a few select ways such as it's various forms of manifestation. Aether can be found it nearly everything that exists and seems to be the basic building blocks of the world itself. Scientists have speculated that the very core of the planet may be made of the purest Aether in existence. Interacting with the natural Aether as well as crystallized forms of it lie in the purview of the Arcanists, those that are blessed (or cursed) with the ability to change the power into various forms of magic.


The manifestation of Aether has appeared in various different forms each with its own effects on the world at large. Among scholars, it is believed that many of the manifestations of Aether didn't exist until The Cataclysm.



The more abundant form of Aether made physical is known as Aetherite. In high-density Aether rich environments Aether had a known habit of forming into fields of raw crystal that radiates a dangerous concentration of pure Aether and can have detrimental effects on living beings cause such conditions as Aether Sickness.

Aether Lines

Extremely potent and dense line of Aether that runs throughout the planet creating a web of power. Aether Lines can only be detected by those sensitive to Aether; usually arcane casters. The main lines however are actually visible to those who are sensitive.

Aether Storms

The continents of Liria have been separated for thousands of years by what has become known as Aether Storms. The storms have kept the continents almost completely isolated for as long as the oldest elves can remember or have recorded.

Aether Flare

When an oversaturation of Aether coalesces in an area will result in an Aether Flare. The effect of an aether flare can vary from being harmless to devastatingly lethal.

Crystal Mutations

Large black crystal formations found partially buried in areas of the land. These areas are vastly changed from what they once were and it has come to be known as a Crystal Mutation. Both the flora and fauna seem to be changed by these mutations, however, the effect seems to vary by environment.


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