The Cataclysm

We made it through the storm, our boat barely in one piece. I don't know how we survived, whatever happened to that isle is the work of some dark forces. I lost nearly half my crew exploring this forsaken place. Strange creatures that were hardly recognizable from what they once were, they tore up and devoured some of my men and took all the forces we had to drive them off. Crystal structures that warped and nearly killed some of my crew. Their twisted forms had to be put down, surely as a mercy for them. A Glow so large from the center of the isle, it poured over the enormous mountain range that's dangers prevented us from investigating it. If I make it home to my family, I promise never to leave again...I have seen things no elf should ever have to look upon....
- Aeardor
An excerpt from the Captain log of the ship Tuvuva

  Nearly ten thousand years ago, Liria, was one large Pangea that was home to the precursors that once inhabited the world before any other race. The land was devastated by what has come to be known as the "The Cataclysm". This event changed the face of Liria forever in vast ways. Little is known today about the epicenter of the destruction. It has been thousands of years since anyone has been able to survive a trip through the storms. What records do survive the ancient expeditions show a large island heavily damaged with an impassible mountain range encircling its center and smaller chains of islands that radiate out from the mainland. Notes of large formations of black crystal embedded around the island and inhabited by a range of unknown flora and fauna.


The Cataclysm changed the face of Liria in many different ways. The devastation leaving new landmasses, stranges crystals, and mutations.

Aether Lines

Extremely potent and dense line of Aether that runs throughout the planet creating a web of power. Aether Lines can only be detected by those sensitive to Aether; usually arcane casters. The main lines however are actually visible to those who are sensitive.

Aether Storms

The continents of Liria have been separated for thousands of years by what has become known as Aether Storms. The storms have kept the continents almost completely isolated for as long as the oldest elves can remember or have recorded.

Aether Flare

When an oversaturation of Aether coalesces in an area will result in an Aether Flare. The effect of an aether flare can vary from being harmless to devastatingly lethal.

Crystal Mutations

Large black crystal formations found partially buried in areas of the land. These areas are vastly changed from what they once were and it has come to be known as a Crystal Mutation. Both the flora and fauna seem to be changed by these mutations, however, the effect seems to vary by environment.

Metaphysical, Arcane


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