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Alor Dintierius - LvL 5 - 8 Elvish Herbalist

Potion Name Price (Ea, in gp) Quantity in stock
Potion of Healing 50 x10
Potion of Greater Healing 200 x3
Potion of Invisibility 250 x2
Potion of Speed 650 x1
Potion of Darkvision 200 x2
Potion of Water Breathing 200 x4
Potion of Animal Friendship 75 x2
Potion of Swimming 125 x3
Potion of Climbing 100 x2
Potion of Heroism 50 x5

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alor Dintierius was born in Rivien and very soon started in learning the ways of the Wood Elves and druidism. After years studying and growing up, he eventually became a member of Mak-Tergar Circle. He spent five hundred of his youth years learning, helping and protecting the forests of the realm.   When Amled's War Against the Living came, Alor was sent to Ralbun Island to aid the Gensinh Family in their fight against Oxabal and his generals in the island. When the fight ended in the island, he was one of the victorious survivors that came back a war hero.   After that, he decided to travel the world and in the year 147 ABE he decided to make residence in Owl Island, located in the Remote Islands. He eventually became counselor to his good and old friend, governor Gilean "Golden Scale" Dwelvenyr. In the year 176 ABE he was one of the suspects of the governor's assassination (he was the one that was last seen with him), but the real culprit was caught by a group of sagacious adventurers (have you caught the real criminal?). After that, he became governor of the region by King Falavandriel's personal request.


Family Ties

He married Lowana Dientierius, Owl Island's local harbor master in the year 159 ABE.
Year of Birth
567 BBE
Dark Brown
Long and soft brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned White
1,90 m
70 kg
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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