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Moneta Nova

Moneta Nova, colloquially called Mons and Nos, are the legal tender of Libertas. The currency is a purely digital, fiat means of exchange, operating using a private blockchain maintained by Tokyo Financial Services.   Offline transactions can be undertaken via Neural Lodge, which will then sync to the network when they return to connectivity.   The enigmatic presence of Sss, the artificial intelligence who devised the currency, lends Mons privacy and security. Though the ends of Sss are not known, it hordes information more jealously than even The Symposium.   Outside of very illegal, and dangerous, hacks there is no known way to track Mons transactions. Those few hackers who have attempted a trace often turn up dead, courtesy of Tokyo Financial Services. This has made the currency the perfect tool for every level of society - from the shadiest corners of the black market, to the highest levels of corporate misconduct.  


Mons were not always so enigmatic in their design and purpose. The currency was established by the Symposium after planetfall, replacing the credit system used for the ship crew to redeem rations during travel. The currency was originally a standard digital currency, with some physical coins in circulation.   The currency was placed under the control of Tokyo Financial Services, the recently established Machine Intelligence led financial agency, in the mid 400s. Sss would expand their control of the financial system over the next two decades, and in 480 a collapse of the traditional banking system took place. Historians argue it may have been orchestrated by Sss.   Whatever the situation, Sss offered a bail out of the traditional system. This was orchestrated by replacing the Cosmo, the standard currency, with the Moneta Nova. The intelligence assured it would be guaranteed to not fail if the Symposium guaranteed it. Though initial resistance remained among the Symposium council, they accepted the bail out. Implementing the new currency system, which has remained the legal tender of the system since.
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The symbol of the Moneta Nova.
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Currency & Deeds
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Public domain textures used in coin creation: Tota, Stephan Rahn, Robert Sullivan.

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