The Symposium

The Symposium is the ruling council of Libertan space. It has its headquarters in Tokyo City on Libertas, but extends its control across the entire Libertan solar system. This sovereignty is more tenuous in some areas of space than others, but it is the de jure single national body in the solar system.   The Symposium meets in the Hall of Commanders, and dictates the laws of Libertas. It is therefore the supreme legislative body of Libertas. Executive power rests with the Symposium Commander, who leads Planetary Command - executing and enforcing the legislation of the Symposium. Judicial authority rests with the Judge Advocate and the Justice Command.  


The Symposium is formed of representatives from each of the former command departments of the Tokyo ark ship. These positions are filled by hereditary lineages today, making up the Brass families of Libertan society. There are 18 members of the Symposium.  
  • Symposium Commander: Wynters dynasty
  • Chief Psychologist: Blackraven dynasty
  • Chief Medical Officer: Zhou dynasty
  • Chief Navigational Officer: Ward dynasty
  • Commander of Logistics and Supply: McCabe dynasty
  • Commander of Communications: Vitez dynasty
  • Commander of Operations: Makeb dynasty
  • Chief Administrative Officer: Raphel dynasty
  • Judge Advocate General: Yitay dynasty
  • Chief Engineering Officer: Brehane dynasty
  • Corporate Affairs Officer: Ashefani dynasty
  • Commander Security Forces: Hyperion dynasty
  • Commander Armed Forces: Mekonnen dynasty
  • Commander Solar Guard: Dermout dynasty
  • Commander Special Operations: De Meyer dynasty
  • Chief Intelligence Officer: Beyls dynasty
  • Chief Environmental Officer: De Boeck dynasty
  • Symposium Archivist: Piers dynasty
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Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Controlled Territories


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