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Neural Lodge

A Neutral Lodge is a cybernetic implant, popular in Libertan space, that interfaces the mind of its bearer with technology and the HERMES network. Neural Lodges allow direct cerebral interaction with technology - downloading files with a thought, interacting with technology, or relaying information to and from a ocular HUD.   Most Neural Lodges include inbuilt storage capacity, allowing a buffer for long term file storage. Through a Neural Lodge, owners can also interface with technology wirelessly - controlling vehicles, opening doors or turning off lights with a thought. More advanced Neural Lodges may come packaged with basic machine learning assistants. Many also have access to the SIN network via their HUD, allowing quick facial-recognition based identification and retrieval of information on people the bearer meets. Attaching social media profiles and a personal digital card to one's SIN entry allows anyone using a neural implant to retrieve this information.   Neural Implants entered widespread use in Libertas around the 5th century, and have become a staple of the average consumer. Their impact on society can not be understated - both the negative and positive. Giving many people instant access to the HERMES network revolutionized entertainment, changed education and also brought many new security concerns.   Exploits of Neural Lodges allow remote kill switches to be activated, frying the circuit and dealing severe damage to the bearer. As a result, most Neural Lodges are now externally placed, with only a small wired connection to the brain. Stringent security updates have been developed for most Neural Lodges, but they do remain a concern. Many private users install extensive extra security on the Lodges.   Blackmarket Neural Lodges have emerged with capacities far beyond commercial designs. Including code cracking and extensive scripts for overriding security on standard household electronic devices.
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