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My great-uncle was englamoured once, years and years ago. One day he just wandered in, looking pale and sweaty, with no sign of recognition in his eyes. He murmured something softly that none could understand. My great-aunt was a wise woman and she knew what happened, so she managed to restrain him for several days, and in that time, he seemed to shrivel up, and babble madly about the White Lady who he needed to go to and serve. Fortunately, a druid happened by, and was able to unweave the glamour.
— Village account of an englamouring

Transmission & Vectors

Only one of the Fae has the power to truly englamour someone and they can only do it through deliberate choice. It is, however, not possible for it to spread to anyone else.


Usually, it begins when a human attracts the attention of a Fae, either by angering one or being found unusually attractive.


Symptoms include glazed eyes, symptoms of being lovesick, claiming to see things that aren't there, and an intense desire to please the Fae that laid the glamour over them. They will do whatever the Fae asks or commands them, no matter what they might think otherwise. If they are restrained from searching for the Fae that enchanted them, they will begin to wither and waste away, like one starving. Mortal food no longer sustains them and mortal drink no longer quenches their thirst. Only Fae-magicks can sustain them until the glamour is either lifted or removed.


The Druids are capable of lifting some glamours, depending on the strength and power of the one who cast it. For a minor Fae, most druids are able to shift the Awen back into its natural manner for the glamoured person or can undo the spell that binds them. It isn't a complicated matter, because they can clearly discern where the Awen has been twisted from its natural state as clearly as humans can see when a tree is broken. For greater Fae, and Fae-Lords, it would take the High Druid himself, and then perhaps not even all of them, to be able to undo it. Even that is a question for never in history has one of these glamours been lifted.


Depending on the nature and term that the Fae wishes to englamour the person, they may be released some time later, unharmed and with only vague memories of what happened, although it may be years later. Otherwise, it is likely that they will enter the Fey and never be seen in mortal lands again, presumably to die alone and unburied somewhere in the Fey, to be forgotten.

Affected Groups

It is possible for anyone of any demographic to be glamoured by the Fae, although for different reasons. An old man might be glamoured because of his skill at woodcarving is exceptional and the Fae wish for him to come live with them and carve for them. It might be because a Fae Lord or Lady finds a mortal very attractive and wants them to be their lover. Children, they find absolutely delightful and will glamour them to lure them away to live as pampered pets, although will usually be relegated to servants or cast aside once they are older.


Charms can be useful in preventing glamour, or at least weakening. Some amulets are reported to be able to detect when a glamour is being cast over a person, to act as a warning or to prevent it. However, the only way known to actually prevent it from happening is to wear an iron mask over the face, which prevents eye contact from being made.

Cultural Reception

Those who become glamoured often disappear from the society that they lived in, lured away into the Fey, and usually never seen again. For a while, it is assumed that perhaps they got lost, or got wander-fever, and set out to travel the isles. Or perhaps they had gone a bit mad and wandered off. Regardless, eventually after they never return, they are assumed to be dead, and a mourning ceremony is held for them. Occasionally, one will wander back decades later and look no older than they were when they left. Some, however, return to the mortal world, and collapse into dust as time catches up to them. Overall, the glamoured are pitied and mourned, while some will swear revenge against the Fae, although that is easier said than done.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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