I have three worlds that correspond to my book series/serials; The Wellspring Dragons, Lapis of Nicodem and Evenacht. Since all these are still ongoing (WIP Wellspring Book 4, with a tentative October release date, and the bi-weekly serials), providing information to readers is very much a part of creating them. And Evenacht is only two months old! It needs a bit of love.   For Wellspring, I would like to get some articles up on Hekara's Abyss, the lair of the Ice Dragon Lajaka. For Lapis of Nicodem, character sketches and articles on Ambercaast and modding. For Evenacht, well, it's sparse, so anything goes. I would definitely like to write something up on the characters and the Joyful Caravan and do a bit of a redesign now that the serial's going.   I plan to write articles for each world. My goal for summer camp is to attain silver but reach for gold. I hope to:   Silver
  • 4 articles for Wellspring
  • 4 articles for LoN
  • 8 articles for Evenacht
  If my editing of the fourth Wellspring book goes according to plan, then I want to reach gold.   Gold:
  • 8 articles for Wellspring
  • 8 articles for LoN
  • 8 articles for Evenacht
  As with most things, I can't predict when inspiration will strike, and for what world. While I plan on an even distribution, that never happens.   Cheers to a writing-full summer!


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