Iced Breath 5 Khanzhioh, 5120 AGI
Elioque qua Hildezhaon
Confidential Report on Hidden Bloodstones
Discretion is mandatory   What we know about hidden bloodstones is sparse. As this is an ongoing investigation, addendums will be filed as needed.   Please direct questions to this investigator or Artiste Loreval. To contact us, please send correspondence to Scribe Dushare at the Illenan Command Center in Tindrel, Merren.
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Report contents:

What are hidden bloodstones?

  Hidden bloodstones are gemstones or rocks of varying size stored within an elaborate container. Bloodmages use them as vessels to hold power. We call these particular bloodstones hidden because they keep them locked away from casual view.   The Illenan invasion force discovered smaller bloodstones of various sizes, made from various objects, in mansions throughout Merren and in the Javone palace, but these were not housed in a special container. Why they store these particular stones is unknown, but considering the wieldings placed on the exterior boxes, the bloodmages view them as more dangerous than typical bloodstones and therefore in need of confinement.   For more info, please see Lord Sikode's Glass Volcano battle report.  

Who carries the hidden bloodstones

  From the information gathered during the invasion and from the recount of Lord Sikode, members of standing within the bloodmage religious order carry these bloodstones. It is a high honor, though exactly what a bloodmage must do to earn it is unclear. There are indications of a hereditary transfer of some stones, but that would make them generations old, and we have scant evidence yet to confirm or deny this.   We know the carriers keep them close day and night and see it as a sacred charge, though most do not possess the key to open the container. This indicates either the cult's hierarchy does not trust them completely, or they consider it unnecessary to open them.   Carriers should be apprehended alive, if at all possible. As important members of the bloodmage cult, they have information their subordinates do not possess.  


  We base the container descriptions on the recovered boxes from mansions and the Javone palace. Most, due to magickal contamination, have been destroyed. Inquire with Artiste Loreval for permission to view the extant ones.   The container is usually a wooden box commonly used for storing jewelry. The more important the stone within, the more decoration beautifies the exterior. Gemstones and gold inlay are common, with patterned designs on the top and sides. The containers rarely have handles, but we have no evidence they carry them in bags. It appears they hold them in their hands against their chest, so in confrontations with bloodmages transporting one, expect them to use offensive wieldings rather than physical attacks.   The interior of the container has thick padding to protect the hidden bloodstone from jostling and dropping. The most common interior fabric is velvet stuffed with seat cushion padding.
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  Hidden bloodstones tend to be fist-sized rocks, but we have encountered smaller ones. Something always seems off about them, and they trigger unease.
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  This box was discovered in the Javone palace, in the workroom of a noble bloodmage. The stone within had broken and no residue remained. aThis may have been a failed attempt to create a hidden bloodstone. It looks like the precious gems were pried off the exterior, which we assume means the box was no longer viable.

The Bloodstone

  The most common objects used as hidden bloodstones are polished rocks, seeing stones and gemstones, and while any item can theoretically be used, earthy objects have far more ability to store power than, say, a feather.   How and why bloodmages create bloodstones remains a mystery to the Illenan and Merren scholars studying the subject. What we do know:  
  • the bloodmage caring for the box must feed the bloodstone within. This is done through the ritual killing of a victim, and the energy released during death is sucked into the stone. This magickally contaminates the container and the object within, and extreme caution is advised when handling them
  • bloodmages use them as a source of power, though the effectiveness is based on the talent of the bloodmage, and in most cases, they lack the skill to absorb the energy to advantage
  • According to Javone palace documents, while the hidden bloodstones could provide energy to the person carrying them, that was not their primary purpose. What this other purpose is, remains unknown
  • according to Eliozhe, a bloodmage fugitive, the cult is losing members because descendants are not interested in staying. They are promising to give the ability to wield magick to those ungifted in return for membership. The hidden bloodstones might play a part in providing energy to these ungifted individuals, but how that is possible is unknown. For a personal interview with Eliozhe, please speak with Artiste Loreval

If a non-wielder must handle a bloodstone container, they must find a Monarch's Claw or shadowartist as quickly as possible, then rinse in the decontamination booths. This is not optional. Magickal infection can lead to severe health problems when not cared for immediately, as I, Elioque, can attest, after losing an arm.
After interviewing Eliozhe, we believe that the offer of magick to those ungifted is reserved for nobles of wealth and community standing. This enticement would appeal greatly to aristocrats who watched their star fall during the despot's reign, and have not regained it after the Illenan invasion. If you notice a noble carrying a decorated box that they rarely let out of their sight, assume you are interacting with a bloodmage devotee and proceed accordingly.

From Lord Sikode's Glass Volcano Report

  • the bloodmage carrying a hidden bloodstone said he did not know how many victims had previously fed his stone before it came into his possession, and that he personally lost count after twenty kills. These stones require many deaths to recharge
  • the stone was overfull and leaked energy, and whether the man recognized that or not was unclear
  • the box was broken, and that broke the constraining spells. The bloodmage did not have the power to reinstate the wieldings. If encountered, proceed with the utmost care and assume the containers are delicate
  • the Well took the bloodmages and the hidden bloodstone into custody. Nezdyravyn, dragon, First Guardian for the Earth Mother Dragon, promised to pass along any information they obtained, due to the terrible nature of the bloodmages and their stones. If this does not occur, we must speak with Dragon Companion Shiobe and Kykini Cede, Flame Dragon of Kassak, and have them retrieve this information

If encountered, assume any person carrying a hidden bloodstone to be dangerous. Those we have encountered are not necessarily well-versed in the mystery arts, so anticipate odd spells that do not work as you might expect.
Please inquire with Lieutenant-general Iavan at the Illenan Command Center in Tindrel if you need to speak with Lady Shiobe and Kykini Cede. They are not easy to track down.


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