Diros Mayventhel, son of Lord Osos and Lady Kora Mayventhel, is a court noble loyal to Gall--as long as that brings him wealth and standing. He has little patience for anyone or anything that cannot add to his bank account or his social contacts. He currently works with Hoyt, an underboss, and while the reasons are murky, it seems they both owe the same person large sums of money.  

Diros is a noble. While he inherited money and land from his lower court family, it did not prove vast enough to gain him the prestige he believes is his due, so he conducts underground deals and investments, hoping to eventually fall into a big payout. When he does, he plans to promote himself as a high noble to Dentheria and, perhaps, unseat Gall.  

Diros has never let anything or anyone stand in the way of his goals, be they friend, family or throne. He sees this as ambitious; most others see it as greed underpinned by consuming rage. Raised as the spoiled youngest son, he believes he is underappreciated and under-compensated by Gall and other court officials. While he proclaims deep support for the king in company, he plots to undermind him in secret for imagines slights.   He resents his deceased older brother, who did not pass his estate to him upon death, but to a high court friend. The insult burns deep and he has done his best to undermine the friend's standing, attempting to force him into selling the inheritance, for Diros sees it as his due. He had dreams of high-priced Grey Streets tenements, milking all he could from the poor, and fumes he could not realize that boon.   What he is most known for in court, though others only whisper about it out of his hearing due to his vicious retaliations, is the death of his eldest son. A bright and energetic lad, Aethon disappeared at sixteen, and a few days later, Diros announced the lad's unexpected death, giving no details. Neither he nor his other three children expressed remorse over the tragedy, though his wife could be found weeping in shadowy corners at odd times of day.   Rumors quickly spread that the lad, with so much promise, potential and poise, had upstaged him in Gall's eyes and Diros, furious, murdered him. Other nobles pointed out Gall appeared to show him increasing favor after the death, and whispers abounded about why.   Only the king and his closest advisors know, that Diros and his daughter Korene handed Aethon over to the crown for being a rebel, and promoted his execution as a way to ingratiate themselves to the throne. Both parties find it expedient to keep the secret, since better-adjusted, wealthier high court lords and ladies would use that as a hammer to destroy both.   Diros did not receive the generous reward he expected from Gall for his sacrifice, cementing his want to undermine, even usurp, the king. Through his underground dealings towards this end, he happened upon information that indicates his son survived the execution. And he knows, neither he nor Korene are safe, if so.


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