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The Dragon Exchange

"You know those horrible, secret, shadow organizations that rule the world behind the scenes? The ones who disappear those who don't adhere to their rules and needs? Yeah imagine that but they have a fucking public office"
  • Overheard conversation in Waterdeep
  • The Dragon Exchange is the largest merchant alliance in Korrisia. The organization is made of three large corporations that each span across different areas of the world and unite together to ensure that they are the masters of their markets but also to utilize the resources and land of one another in order to spread their control. The Alliance was formed in Year 1 of the Era of the Tyrant as the Empire of Korrisia was being newly formed. Seeing that so many old laws had been repealed by the Imperial Archons, two corporations realized that if they had joined together they could dominate the markets and exploit labor to new heights.   The Exchange was created initially by the Grimmrock Mining Company & the Rosewood Trade Company in a meeting that occurred of all places, during a funeral of a business rival. The two were simply talking about their business interests and realized they were in a prime position to unite and expand their spheres of influence. Marcus Rosewood and Bartholomew Grimmrock II quickly became powerful friends and as a united front could move without much competition. Marcus' shrewd nature allowed him to be the diplomatic face of their new alliance, while Bartholomew II was the iron fist behind the scenes, ensuring none moved against their business interests.   In Year 9 Era of the Tyrant, Trevin Rosewood, son of Marcus Rosewood was travelling abroad in Korrisia and had stopped in the City of Drang, it was there he had his first interaction with merchants of the Magnus Foraging Co.. After quickly building several friendships with the merchants and learning just how large-scale the Foraging Company was, Trevin established a contact point with one of the most powerful members of the company, Alia Magnus. Trevin and Alia formed a quick and powerful friendship that eventually turned to love, and as if the fates ordained this themselves, Marcus Rosewood, Bartholomew Grimmrock II, and now the Magnus Family united as allies at the wedding.   The Dragon Exchange became complete with the addition of the Magnus Foraging Company. With Marcus leading the helm as the principal diplomat & face of the organization, Bartholomew II can continue his work in the shadows, while now the Magnus Family acts as the primary force in scouting for avenues of expansion. With expeditions occurring all across Korrisia even to the Unmapped Realms, Alia is able to communicate findings not only that benefit the Foraging Company, but also that can be exploited and utilized by all members of the Exchange.  


    The Dragon Exchange is led by three members of each company:   Marcus Eluicious Rosewood - Responsible for all diplomatic endeavors and maintaining the "face" of the Merchant Alliance. Any public relation matters or concerns from the Empire are deferred to Marcus.   Bartholomew Grimmrock II - In charge of all matters that require security, brute force, and when times call for it violence. Grundar has no problem causing catastrophies such as factory explosions, crop disease and failure, and even outright assassination of officials or rivals.   Alia Magnus - Handles all matters that involve exploring for new profit centers and discovering anything abroad in Korrisia that can be utilized by the Exchange. Alia also is the only member of the Exchange who knows of all "off-books" sites that handle such things as crafting of illegal weaponry, mining/foresting on sacred ground, and even sites to hold political/business rivals. Is also the principal businesswoman in ensuring off-books items are sold to the appropriate customers.

    Public Agenda

    The Dragon Exchange is motivated by one thing, its namesake: Gold Dragons. The Exchange was created with the full purpose of maximizing profit and continuing to exploit the current political landscape to further their agendas. None have interest in a political role such as an Imperial Office, but wish to become so needlessly rich that they can never have to worry about the outside world.

    Power in unity, in secrecy, and in strength

    Founding Date
    1 Era of the Tyrant
    Financial, Merchant League
    Alternative Names
    The Golden Dragon Exchange, The Korrisian Oligarchy

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