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Caves of Joy

Come in and relax your way

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The Caves of Joy are a half-naturally formed system of caves and hot springs in the south-western part of the Long Neck mountain range, only two days per coach away from the luxurious house of Halisca Fidelis.
They were discovered by an Underling couple and their bodyguards while scouting for a new trade route and got surprised by a heavy storm. They searched for cover and found the entrance to a - what they believed - large cave system. They started to venture into the caves, tunnels and caverns and found out, that the caves had hot springs and crystal beds and growing glowing crystals at their walls and the ceiling.
They sealed the entrance with one of their illusionary walls and came back after their trades were concluded. They came back with a scouting party, bodyguards, a few Orc mechanics and builders and whole lot of architects and guards. After two years of planning, channeling resources, crafting and building, they opened the Caves of Joy.


The Caves of Joy are a refined establishment and so they have entry control and specific departements. You pay for the services you want to book, be it a massage, a buffet, only small snacks and drinks, the Red Caves, the spa section, the restaurant or whatever service strikes your fancy.
The first thing one sees is the entrance, reinforced with pillars which looks like bronze, but are steel on the inside. This is where around ten guards are standing watch in case something unusual happens.
Directly behind it, a few marble stairs upwards, one enters the "Welcome Hall", the large entrance cave, now fleshed out and decorated with marble and granite and artifical veins of different ores like gold and silver. Large statues with little to no clothing are looking down at the customer with a warm gaze and open arms, directing your view to the two marble counters where the staff collects the payment for the services and hands out wristbands (we discuss them later down the line).
Between the two counters lies the entrance to another, a bit smaller cave with a junction leading into six other caves, the "Dressers". The receptionists hand out a large basket with a bronce plate with a number imprinted on it where one is storing their belongings including jewelery and weapons. Yes, even nobles and no, we do not care, who you are, Sir, and if you are the king of Hulwar, you are going in as you came out of your mother, yes, Sir, completely.
When you are coming out of the "Dresser", you hand over the basket and your weapons and yes, even the jewelery, to the Orc guard. They store the weapons and the basket in a large room and hand out to you a porcelain tile with the same number as your basket plate. Depending on the department the servants are dressed in different ways, but the guards - mostly Orcs, sometimes Trolls or other races - are always dressed in armour and wielding weapons like swords and axes. So it is a bad idea to throw a tantrum, even for a king.
Behind the Dressers lies another six tunnels, leading you - according to your payed services marked with your wristband - to the specific caves deeper into the mountain.
To the right coming from the Dressers there are two small stairwells, leading into the staff rooms, outfitted with a small kitchen, a few offices, the CEO office, sleeping rooms, private rooms, showers, baths and a smaller lounge. If you are standing in the CEO office you might notice the large iron door. This is the vault. You'll never see it open or from the inside.

Wristbands & Participation

The wristbands are handed out by the receptionists after you picked your services and paid for them. They attach the bands to your wrists and guide you to the "Dressers". Under no circumstances are you allowed to remove the wristbands.
There are four colours:
White: enjoys the caves, no physical contact, no conversation, no company
Green: enjoys the caves, no physical contact, open for company, food or conversation
Red: enjoys the caves, open for physical contact, open for company, food or conversation
Black: wants it all
Every wristband has six coloumns imprinted on them in the same colour as the wristband itself. Every coloumn stands for a specific area in the Caves of Joy like the Red Cave, the private rooms or the restaurant. The receptionists are marking for what you have paid for with a water-resistance, bright yellow fluid and fill the specific coloumn with it. They can remove the yellow colour with a specialised liquid which dissolves the paint.


  The six departments of the Caves of Joy are as followed (from left to right):
  • The Hot Springs
  • The Red Cave
  • The Restaurant with the kitchen
  • The Lounge
  • The Spa
  • The Private Rooms (including guest rooms)
The caves of the Hot Springs are the most beautiful ones on the entire Caves of Joy. They are natural formed springs where you can sit on white glowing crystal benches, enjoying the hot steam, the - sometimes - bubbling water, the easy-to-the-eyes light and faint conversations. If you are lucky and the caves are not that occupied you may find even a more private cave where you are alone for yourself. Or your company, if you want some and have some. Servants serve drinks and snacks and are mostly dressed in a revealing way. For...reasons.
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The Red Cave is a cave entirely dedicated to bodily contact and having fun with each other. It houses some beds, sofas, diwans, an eating area, some baths and large showers. The servants are dressed accordingly.
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The Restaurant and the kitchen are just what they are. No body contact allowed, except for small gestures or kisses. No spoon, plate or food is allowed to leave this cave. You can come in wet and dripping, but be aware of slippery ground. Towels are handed out at the entrance. In the restaurant they serve all kinds of food, beginning with bread over rice and ending with rare dragon meat which is souring the mood of the Dragonborns, but they know that their ancestors are not of the friendly type most of the time. The food is top quality as well as the cuttlery and the plates, even fit for royality.
The Lounge is a lounge. A large lounge with chairs, tables, sofas in all sizes and configurations, mostly in a dark red velvet with dark wood. There is also a bar at the back of it with the finest beverages one can get, alcohol and non-alcohol. Body contact is not prohibited, but the Lounge is designed as a space of peace, quiet and rest, so be kind and keep it down for a bit.
The Spa provides all kind of relaxing services. This includes salt baths, hot mud baths, hot saunas in different temperatures, steam baths, skin cleaning with creams and/or salt and massages. Everything can include a happy ending, if you state it at the beginning. Most massages are executed by Orcs and their definition of a happy ending often results in cracked spines or bloodbaths, but their deep tissue techniques are fit for a god/goddess.
And last, but not least, we have the Private Rooms which also includes guest rooms. It is not unusual that most of the customers of the Caves of Joy are coming from far, far away, so they want to stay for a day or a week. Some really wealthy customers sometimes stay for an entire month. Every room is outfitted to house you for a long time with a large and luxurious bed, a cupboard, drawers, chairs and a desk for guests. You can make a mess out of the room, they expect it - especially when you rent them temporary they calculate with an extended private party - but do not destroy things inside the room, you will pay for it.

Services apart from the usual

The owner of the Caves of Joy offer some services besides their daily business.
The first one is pretty simple. You can rent the Caves of Joy - or just a part of it - for a specific timeframe for whatever reason and they staff your event. You can choose race, genders (some elves might not be happy with it), food, drinks and clothing. For this event the Caves of Joy resent from their "no clothes" rule if you wish it, but they do not advise it.
The second one is simple as well: if you are hosting a party, the owners staff your party. You choose the clothing, the food, the drink, the species, the genders and the services the staff offer. They even include the wristbands.
The third service is for a more private and exclusive use. You - as the client - can choose an amount of staff for private reasons. Be it some time together, a vacation, good days and nights or just for company. You choose race, gender and starting clothes in which the staff arrives. You make sure that they have food, drinks and a bed besides your own and you have to tolerate the watchful eyes of the guards which are sent with the staff to make sure the staff isn't getting in harms way and returns to the Caves of Joy safe and sound.
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