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Second Culling of the Spellster Tower

The Conflict


Although the slaughter that saw all life stripped from Demarn's spellster tower was brief, the leadup to it took a great many weeks of navigating 3000 foreign troops up The King's Winding and across the land without rousing suspicion in regards to its true nature. Much of this was handled by the current Master of the Hounds who did his best to see folk saw them as fresh troops being sent to aid the Demarn Royal Army in their struggle against the Udynea Empire.   The King's Hounds, who had been summoned back to Wintervale prior to their deployment, hid within the throng to allay any further suspicion as well as guide the Talfaltan forces.

The Engagement

With the King's Hounds possessing inside knowledge of the tower and the overwhelming force presented by the Talfaltaners, the tower's gates were shattered and many guards were killed before a proper defence could be mounted. Once inside the walls, the Talfaltaners swarmed the servant quarters and grounds. Many of the recorded fallen fell battling the more skilled spellsters training in the outside arenas, whilst a few more found pockets of resistance against the guards who survived the initial assault.   Meanwhile, the hounds systematically slaughtered every spellster and guardian within the tower's central structure, starting with the lower levels and winding their way up until their prey had nowhere left to run. Their blades are the ones largely responsible for the death of hundreds of spellsters, from elders barely able to defend themselves to newborns in their cribs, and their guardians.


The elimination of almost every spellster within Demarn's borders, as well as those who oversaw them and the servants who maintained the tower.


With no place to house spellsters or people with the knowledge to teach them how to safely handle their magic, any spellsters discovered throughout Demarn will be forced to flee or face execution regardless of age or threat level.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
06/10/1902 AES
Ending Date
06/10/1902 AES
Conflict Result
The Talfaltan force emerged victorious with thousands slaughtered.


Talfaltan Forces
Spellster Tower


  • 3000 Talfaltan men armed with cutlasses and bucklers.
  • 36 Hounds armed with various weapons.
  • 650 spellsters, both teenagers and adults. Many of whom were magically weak or unskilled at fighting.
  • 1000 Spellster Guardians.
  • 75 Wall Guards.


  • 570 or so Talfaltan due to spellster retaliation.
  • 100 Talfaltan to concise attack by the common folk.
  • 3 Hounds killed by spellsters or their guardians.
  • 1000 spellsters, from babies to the elderly.
  • 1000 Spellster Guardians.
  • 6 Tower Overseers.
  • 3000 servants, including their children.
  • 75 Wall Guards.


Eradicate all spellsters and those who serve them.
Push back their assailants and escape the tower purge.


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