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The Prison

Somewhere in the Ninth World of Grista, there is an underground building, big enough to shelter every inhabitant of a nearby town in the days when Conquerors and their companies would suddenly appear destroying everything and demanding a surrender that the locals would never give them.   There are not many conquerors in our time, and the Ninth World is not one they would dare to invade anymore (not the smart ones, at least). The building wasn't in use and they offered it to The Society in its early years. It fulfilled several purposes before the need of a prison became evident.   After a few heated arguments, it was decided to adapt this place as a containment facility. In this century every Affiliate accepts it's existence without objection. It's useful and the universal rights of their inhabitants are respected, as well as most of the laws that could apply in their worlds of origin.

Purpose / Function

Originally used to contain criminals that couldn't be controlled in the world where they had been caught causing trouble and who wouldn't be judged in their original worlds.   That is still its major function, but it also takes some infractors of the Community Law that didn't violate a rule from the world were they where living. Thanks to magic, travelling, global communication and some kinds of technology a person or group can attack a civilization without putting a foot on their lands; but they can also be caught doing it, and The Society often has either the jurisdiction, the power or the tricks to make them accountable.


Besides the original changes in the building and surroundings to make it secure, each wing has been adapted according to its occupants. Initially that was simple enough: they already had strong walls, it was easy to fortify entrances, add bars to the windows and, for the area holding magic wielders, they brought a few families of Magic Mold .

With the passage of time other methods had been necessary for specific cases, as well as some measures required for the well-being and rehabilitation of the inmates.

Many of the modifications respond to new information about abilities and the rehabilitation process. They can be small and barely thought about, like the setting of a sound-proof area or the inner garden. Others are quite controversial, like the cells where the extremely dangerous immortals are held in conditions that keep them "death" when there is no other way to restrain them.
I can assure you that we don't send every immortal to the Execution wing, it's reserved for those that would have a good chance to escape if they are conscious for enough time.
— Extract of the answer to a complaint letter, year 691 Co
Founding Date
Year 418 Co
Alternative Names
Universal prison
Travelers' prison
Society's prison
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)
Imprisonment in killing cells
Tradition / Ritual | Aug 28, 2023


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