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Second World's Conquerors

After the Conquest of the Second World, some of the invaders stayed. It's unclear how many or for what reasons.   Everybody knows the history of the Slayers that were to ashamed to continue their life of conquest, because the code says that is a disgrace to vanquish the weak. If people from other clans stayed too, the details are still a mystery —and a constant source of legends and curiosity.   Some of them ended up leading the defeated locals, who didn't know how to recover. Together, they build the world we know and are proud of.   Others lived on their own for a while and eventually founded Conquerors' town together. They would welcome other conquerors' pure descendants, but refused to help the ones that were mixed with the locals, even when they asked for shelter during the Paid with Blood year.   Currently, it's likely that everyone in the Second World of Grista is related to the conquerors, and many families embrace their conqueror roots and follow some of their traditions. Yet the only ones that are called Conquerors are the citizens of Conquerors' town, where their blood and legacy remains unpolluted, even if the time has shaped it into an new culture with old traditions.


Shared customary codes and values

Even when the founders of the town may have been members of different clans and cultures, they follow the old Slayers' code, which applied to their circumstances has resulted in a prosperous and peaceful society where people look after each other and put a brave face in front of adversity.   Unlike most conquerors, they don't attack other civilizations. Instead, they focus in defeating the obstacles in their lives and the threats of any nature to their settlement and lives. They do enjoy competition in the same extreme way conquerors do, but that's an excuse to thrive, not to destroy.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

As much as they like technological innovation (a field they lead), Second World's conquerors aren't keen of change in any social aspect. Instead, they keep alive ancient rites and follow the old ways, some of them from the time of the Slayers.   Even rebellious teenagers greet each other by showing their empty hands, a gesture that many conquerors would interpret as an insult but was a sign of peace among slayers.

Major organizations

Conqueror's Town doesn't have a single source of authority. Instead, different organizations manage the more relevant aspects of their society. Some of these civilizations are still called clans, and it is possible that at some point they had tried to operate as such. Some of this institutions are closed and even secretive, but they are part of the rest of the city, and collaborate whenever needed.  

Architects Clan

They accept only experienced architects, and have different levels of authority to regulate the construction of the city's infrastructure.  

Farmers Clan

Not a clan, at all. This democratic organization regulates the methods and times for production and distribution of food in all the Island.  

Healers Clan

In the old times, only the direct descendants of the first healer were listened in any medicine related matters, with time, they took other healers into their clan and even accepted new apprentices.  


Knowledge is usually transmitted in the family and shared among peers, but there is an organization that gathers all the knowledge in the city and even some information from other people in the Second World and out of it, to keep it accessible to every citizen of Conquerors' town.  

The Witches

This is an small clan but the oldest in the city and maybe in the Second World. While they aren't the only ones able to use magic, they have a very specific craft and are quite secretive about it. They are probably related with the Frozen Carmesi, but it seems impossible to determine how.
Related Locations

Parent Ethnicities

The Ancient Ways Tournament

  While they don't care for violence, people in Conquerors' town are always prepared to repel an attack. The city is a fortress, and everyone is trained in harming magic and/or fighting skills. These are taught in the family, and the variety in techniques is one of the few reasons to believe that the Second World's Conquerors have heritage from different clans.
Even more so, no one in the city practices the Slayers' fighting techniques.   These skills are not wasted in times of peace, because they celebrate a couple long tournament open to everyone and quite difficult to win.   Each event requires more skills than the previous one, and only a certain number of participants pass to the next. The winner gets prizes and fame, but is not allowed to participate again since the infamous "Death to the immortal" tournament, in which other participants conspired to defeat the champion of the last 10 tournaments. They failed, by the way, and The Immortal remains a legend not for his wins or the rule that prevented him from participating a twelfth time, but because of the jokes about how much he hated that nickname.


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Well done. I like the dual meanings that used to exist behind showing empty hands.   The listing of the different clans is nice, but I feel like you could expand on that a bit more. If you want you could also focus the article more on the Slayers, who it seems most cultures took more inspiration from, and leave most mentions of Conquers Town in the sidebar as sort of a "the exception that proves the rule."

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I guess I'll explain a bit more about the clans, and why most cultures don't feel so related to the Conquerors despite the obvious connection. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Good stuff! I especially liked the tournament

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Gran trabajo escritora!
Interesante el significado diferente de las manos vacías. Los conquistadores tienen algún nombre de raza o de etnia de donde vienen, o antes de ser conquistadores?

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Sí, y no. Ha llegado un punto en el que decir "Conquistadores" a secas, es como decir que esas personas nacieron en el Octavo Mundo de Grista; y en ese mundo existen muchas culturas y naciones distintas, pero todos tienen en común la sed por ganar peleas y/o destruir y conquistar otras naciones. Sólo en el Segundo Mundo, dónde no socializan con otros mundos, llaman Conquistadores a los descendientes de los pocos grupos que los invadieron a ellos.