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Ancient gifts' non-correlation theory

Purpose & Contents

Besides the text file stating the theory and a collection of sources that support it, the document includes an annex with the details about the methods and findings of Giertreig's investigation on the topic of the Ancient Gifts.
The only actual reason to believe that these five unique abilities are connected, is the still unintelligible pattern in their appearances. The presented data and anecdotal evidence question the existence of said pattern.


The topic of the mysterious ancient gifts is not often considered a matter of life and death, even when some historians had mentioned that it should be. The data about this topic is difficult to find because it's scarce and dispersed all over the universe, and not many had shown interest in spending their life chasing for the true behind the myths and rumors.   Nevertheless, Fóu's scientific community has studied it for generations, mostly because of the dare or sheer curiosity. Given the tricky nature of the sources and the near impossibility of experimentation and first hand research, the Knowledge Issuance Committee only supports and approves the efforts of a single team, which must be lead a Scientist.   Elfeghere's is the current head of that team, and all of her children want a place there (and to inherit her role) but only one of them has the chance to do so.   Always rejected for the position, the youngest child of the team leader has conducted his own research. Without any official support and not being a percipient as Scientists were, he originally resorted to stealing his mother's files, but as he gathered his own resources and experiences, and having gone through the official investigation's data, he came up with a different direction for his own research, finding out something unexpected on the way.
Study, Scientific
Digital Recording, Various
Authoring Date
735 Co, 18th day of the first month.
The data considered includes the results of research approved by the Knowledge Issuance Committee or the Community's historians, as well as myths and supposedly official information from other worlds, some verified or refuted by Giertreig himself or trustworthy researchers, or based on logic or related evidence.
Publication Status
Legal status
The Knowledge Issuance Committee ignores the existence of this document and the related research, which they wouldn't approve, since the researcher is not a Scientist.


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6 Jan, 2023 04:59

Oooo this article has lots of little seeds in it that get me very curious about the world. It's always the people that get ignored that really discover what's important, isn't it?

6 Feb, 2023 00:35

I think they have more opportunities to simply observe (even if they lack resources) but in Giertreig's case being stubborn (and feeling offended) helped a lot more.

6 Feb, 2023 02:21

Spite is an excellent motivator

9 Jan, 2023 22:38

Oooh! And what did he discover? I'd definitely like to read more.

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6 Feb, 2023 00:32

The details may or may not be a spoiler for a story, but basically the only little thing the academics thought they knew, is probably just a myth. In theory, that would open a lot of new investigations, but I have the feeling that the report will never see the light...