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Spark // Glimmer

"I might be only a lowly Sparkster, but I know a few tricks. How about a short-term coma, overloading your very brain with countless disruptive electrical signals to start things off?
Not interested?
Fine, I got nothing then.
I will take my leave, my work here is done.
Oh, one last thing.
I advise removing the dynam - *boom*
Oh bother ... too late."


The most basic variant of using the gift of integrity is to conjure up a glimmer or spark by snapping fingers. These sparks are weak, powerless and can cause no physical harm. They only conduct a brief pulse of electricity or scorch up in a punctual hot fire before dissipating nearly instantaneous. Sparkster can light up candles with them and even stimulate organic matter to only name a few possible uses.
But the possibilities of the spark can get expanded by overstretching your arcane mind finding new ways to use that adaptive ability.
"I thought of this as a divine punishment when I got taken by that speasel.
But the more I experiment with what I have, the more I understand just how dangerous an instantaneous sensation can be.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to ignite a rebellion, not more than one - small - spark."



Sparksters tend to care about anatomy sooner or later, be it their own or that of their friends or even enemies. All that to grant their little harmless bombs the necessary punch to start something substantial.
  • Going the beneficiary route the spark could get used to stimulate dopamine or pheromone production, numb pain receptors, or control production in general, causing a weak healing factor to the user or target. Using sparks within the casters own body doesn't require a snap and some trained that stimulation to be of constant nature buffing their abilities for as long as they are conscious.

  • If the user desires to cause pain and suffering instead, messing around with the production of his enemies is a valid way as well. They can use this to apply „curses“ on others, by ever so slightly triggering pain receptors, overloading certain production sources in the body causing nausea, giddiness or causing even minor or major system disruptions. A Sparkster, who knows the body of their victims, sees them like marionettes to the power of the spark.

  • Suggestion/Disruption

    A way, that focuses in its entirety on the brain of the target. Guiding the sparks to specific places in the grey matter can cause numerous useful effects:
  • Digging into parts, where the personality of the victim is stored and causing there a firework of gentle sparks can help the target to remember stuff or shift their priorities wanting to do something else than they did before. The suggestion is no precise science, it is a wildcard of causing random effects entirely dependant on the victim.

  • By predicting the enemy and igniting single sparks at synapses currently in use, is the Sparkster able to delay messages to the body by useful milliseconds dodging the undodgeable. These disruptions can become harmful by multiplying the attack points reaching all the way to causing a short term coma overloading the brain for a few minutes to multiple hours.

  • "No, I won't use this cursed ability again, Jesca.
    The last time I used a suggestion, trying to help Pelukis, had that poor bastard suddenly the desire to learn how to cook pastries.
    And *mhmmm* he has gotten so good with them.
    I don't feel comfortable messing around with brains other than mine.
    What if I cause repressed memories to become reactivated?"

    Sparkster Micor by Soulwing
    Aquired Through
    Symbiosis with a Speasel
    General Name
    Related School
    Common manifestation of the gate of integrity
    Related Element
    Weak assotiation to the fire and lightning element.
    Effect Duration
    Every spell of a Sparkster is instantanious with no duration.
    Vision and Audio:
    If the sparkster is able to clearly make out a location via his senses, they can cast a spark/glimmer there.


    Sparks are seen as by far the weakest arcane gift to receive from undergoing symbiosis with arcane animals. Weak, not at all flashy and overall without much potential, are Sparksters seen as weaklings, who have made a foolish decision. Most Sparksters ignore their powers besides igniting candles, but some start experimenting.


    Sparks and Glimmers are gravely dependant on the weather and the whim of nature. If it is raining or the air moisture is high are glimmers useless but Sparks substantially stronger. Gas leaks and dry leaves can serve as useful catalysts.
    "My pressure cannon?
    Filled it with an explosive gas I can ignite on command.
    And as long as the cannon has no igniter, it is considered a legal civil defence."


    Applied Restrictions

    A Sparkster is heavily restricted in its ways forced to cause a 'snap' to kickstart a spark.
    Common variants of fulfilling that condition are finger-snapping, but the clicking of the tongue can be eligible as well.
    But as the conditions are equally soft as the magic caused by it found people different ways to let it 'snap'.
    From the cracking of the back or fingers all the way to enhanced eyelids; if it serves to make the ability more versatile it will get used.

    Cover image: by Vertixico


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    You get magic by entering symbiosis with a sparkly ferret!? I love how much have you stretched what a caster able to deal in sparks can do. It's really cool.   Throughout reading the article though, this seems a lot more fitting for a profession than a spell article.Also, idk if this is your CSS or you wrote them weird, but this looks weird:

      And finally: super cool art! The little smug smile together with the initial quote do really get the article started really nicely.

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    It is not really a profession as the entire school is in general a singular spell, that can be laid out in many ways. I prefer spell due to following reasons.   You won’t see anybody say. My job is Being a sparkster.   My system has not really many spells and to not clutter everything, I will use one single article to describe the whole ability granted by symbiosis. (I have 72 abilities so generating one article for every spell is not fun for anybody.   I don’t really get what you mean. This is how cites look with that theme

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    Also to understand what I mean with symbiosis feel free to heck out the chapter ‚Taken‘ from my manuscript ‚Shorts of Kingsmaker‘. It shows the moment Micor got his ability

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    Ok, if we are completely honest ... if anything then condition would fit the most. ^^'

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    Very cool, I love seemingly harmless powers that depend on the user's creativity and skill! Manipulating the electric activity in the nervous system has so much potential, though the ability to trigger explosions isn't bad, either. ^^

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    A unique set of spells! Thanks for entering the WE 2021 Spell Category! Best of luck in all the categories you entered!

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