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Relnoo, literally meaning reln-beings, is a modern faith only a few centuries old. The understanding of reln as they are known today had been established for quite some time before people sought to mythologize them. Mythology isn't quite the right word for them, they are metaphorical stories of the reln to help mortals better understand them. Ask any relnoo believer and they will tell you that there is no higher power and that the essence of the universe is as it is and to be one with it is the highest level anyone can hope to achieve. They also believe that, through understanding and oneness of all things that all worldly desires, evils, joys, everything may be subverted at will. Complete one-ness will lead to a kind of godhood.


To the end of one-ness, nearly all believers of relnoo would be considered missionaries. They will seek out others to convert them or to add them to their ranks. Conversion isn't always an option and a large subgroup of Relnoo believers are a part of the group in addition to whatever faith they had beforehand, not seeing them as opposing viewpoints. If there is a god, why couldn't they have made the reln as the building blocks of the universe, so it would be given to the lifeforms they created to do with as they deserved/pleased. Other religions aren't so accepting of Relnoo, claiming it refutes divinity and the beliefs of the people following relnoo are abhorrent.

Still, recruitment is necessary for the ultimate goal to be achieved. The more members are sharing in the faith, the more they... share. All members must share their personal belongings with the group, especially those higher ascended and more intune with the reln. Higher members in the group profess they have deep connections with the reln, and often they do. Their nya are often highly tuned with some aspect (or even multiple) of a particular reln. these people convince followers to give them things so that they may ascend higher and higher into oneness with the universe.


The faith of relnoo is not so much a faith as it is a worship of science. The people who follow don't necessarily believe in a higher being or in anything potentially real, but they do believe in the all-encompassing nature of the scientific concept of Reln. They worship the elements as other religions worship deities, giving them reverence, meaning to their lives, and creating stories around them to create a moral code.


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Aug 7, 2023 02:49 by Barron

A pretty fun and new religion you got there. Go to hear that the higher up members share proportionately. Would love to see some quotes from the members!

Aug 8, 2023 17:15

Thank you. Quotes of both inside and outside views would be a good idea.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Aug 8, 2023 06:42

Taoism with magic and a commune concept. Interesting concepts.

Aug 8, 2023 17:15

Taoism wasn't on my mind when I made this article, but I definitely see the similarities.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.