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Oakn Marriage


Originally used by the Isynx of Fjakarker, it has evolve to accommodate more species. Its religious symbolisms of the ritual have been lost to time, this being one of the only things left over from a long forgotten religion. The wedded couple performing the ceremony in tandem with their religion for tradition and faith.


There is a lot of preparation before the ceremony can begin. The first thing is for the two to be spouses to go to each other's parents and asking for the other's paw in marriage. This is done without the two knowing the other had done so. The parents then come to the two in a public space, announcing their engagement.
  The ceremony begins during the first day of the season of the young (a season in Fjakarker and the surrounding area where many creatures give birth). Before the sun rises, the to be husband treks from his home to his to be wife's, carrying his gift (usually things to keep braids in their fur or a weapon) on his tail (or his dress if not an isynx). He is greeted by a hall of both families, his family on his left and those of his wife on his right. The hall leads to the door of her home where she waits inside. He then has his Ohbz offer the gift to his wife (she having undone her braids as a sign of purity), she accepting it, putting it in her family chest. She offers her gift he having to come in close to her to retrieve it. His ohbz take the gift and keep it under his fur as they embrace. While they are embracing, their ohbz exchange members, creating families between the ohbz. After the embrace and exchange is completed, the emerge from the home for the festivities to begin. If they are not isynx, they offer the objects themselves, no ohbz necessary during the exchanging of gifts. They also don't have any ohbz to cross over, so they only embrace.
  As with everything in oak, the wedding turns into a big hunting party. The whole party proceeds to the local hunting grounds, the newlyweds having the first attempt at hunting with a party of their choosing. When night comes and everyone regroups from hunting, they retire to a prepared feasting area. Before they begin, the husband and wife climb some small cliff and jump off together onto the first caught thing, thus commencing the feast. After a long night of merriment, the couple retire to the husbands house to…

Components and tools

Wedding gifts, usually something expensive or sentimental.
  Prey to commence the feast.


Wedded couple
  Family & friends
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