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The people who relate themselves to Oak castle and the prime hunting grounds. their nation being Fjakarker.   Culture with a mentality of two kinds of states, the hunter and the joker. The hunter is one of action, a state of unrest and attention, thinking about the tasks that need to be done and moving towards the completion of those tasks. The joker is one who lazes about, a state of aloofness and relaxation, thinks about joyous things that don’t matter to one's survival. Both are equally important. The hunter is the one who keeps you and the family alive, but is unable to be sustained forever. The joker is the one that doesn’t act to benefit the immediate survival, the joker is the one to help you and the family emotionally. The hunter is the mindset one has when performing a job or, in ancient times, the one who is out hunting. The joker is when you come home, when you have finished your job and need to re-commune with those around you. The joker is the dancing, the gossip, the laughter you share with yourself and with others.   lifting ones forelimb and bowing their hand/paw at the same time.   Oakn people each have a trunk that belongs to their family. This trunk holds items to that were given during wedding ceremonies.    

To Add:

    Currently I'm exploring the Oakn peoples. (the one with the guy who's investigating species in the area)
Since it's mostly Isynx that live there (the area mostly being a boreal forest) the cultures there are in tune with how those species evolved to be.
so a lot of family stuff, long halls where entire villages (or at least the important people of the village as they've gotten quite large in areas) come to eat once a week. These long halls are not plentiful as there's too many people to accommodate in only one, so they can be found all around a singular village.
a different family hosts every week.
Currency is mostly just memorized debts (though now they're on paper) expected to be paid back whenever or when needed.
like if every store had a tab.
Town jokers are also a thing. Someone who's whole occupation is to tease others and make a fool of themselves while doing whatever they want to have and make merriment.
Mostly Isynx (the polar cats with monkeys that live in their fur) live there. However, the modern world has many species bleeding out of the areas in which they evolved and now the major cities that the Oakn people inhabit have other species living there for generations as well.
They keep their livestock in open ranges so they are able to be hunted as well. Space is only an issue in the major cities, but there are plenty of areas which they keep uninhabited and designate them as "hunting grounds"
The largest and most famous of these being Fjarkarker or the "prime hunting grounds"


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