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In the land of Kaitstud, the four shifter clans rule. They consider the humans, who are unable to shift, to be their servants.  


  Within the Bear Clan, humans live apart from the clan members. They have their own settlements which serve the clan villages nearby.  


  Within the Cat Clan, humans mix with clan members in each community. They travel round together, caring for their herds together. Depending on work, the humans move between communities when needed.  


  Within the Wolf clan, humans have a certain independence, if they can earn it. As long as they work within the structures and regulations of the clan they can rise to prominence.  


  Within the Fox clan, humans are considered worthless and are treated like household slaves. Some of them are trained to do specialist tasks, though this varies depending on their employer. They aren't allowed to move between positions without the approval of those they work for.  

Relationships with clan members

  One way for a human to 'escape' their position is to enter into a liason with a clan member. Then they are considered part of the clan, and granted more rights. But all such relationships need to be approved by the clan leader, or other authority figure in the town or region they live in.   There is a dichotomy in the management of humans within each clan. The clan needs to bring humans into their bloodline, to ensure they don't inbreed. On the other hand, they can't lose too many of their servants, as they need the workforce to maintain the power status quo.   Historical position   When the Great Squirrel set up the Dragon Monarchy to rule over Kaitstud, they arranged for humans to be brought there to serve them. The dragons mostly left them alone, acting as arbiter for disputes while the humans populated the continent and prodiving the dragons with tribute. After the Overthrow of the dragon rule the shifter clans rose into power, subjugating the humans more than they had been under the dragons.

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