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Fox clan

The Fox Clan lives the other side of the Cragspire Mountains from the other three clans, and they have little contact with them. Castilion Town is the main city, which is where the Fox Leader spends most of their time.   There are six other large towns across the lands, each run as a fairly independent entity. Each town thinks they are the most important and allegiances between them within the fox lands change. Each one is only interested in themselves, and they only work together when the need is threatening.   Foxes are cunning and ambitious. They are the inventors and look for new and easier ways of doing things. Though what they're seen to be doing is more important than what actually do.  

Position of humans

  Humans are considered almost worthless and treated like slaves and are forced to serve those clan members who request it.  


  They tend wear more formal clothes and are more interested in the way things look than what they actually are. They are selfish and interested in themselves. They wear formal clothes with precious stones and metal adornments. The more the better. So clothes are big skirts for women with bustles, and buttoned shirts and jackets for both men and women. Men wear three quarter trousers and long socks.

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