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Treaty of Den Tharum (ˌDen ˈThah-Rum)

After the death of Rillag Goldtoe led to the dispersion of the Xedeians, and the subsequent captures of Legratha Deepwalker and Grei Forethorn, the False Prophet, the battles in the War of the False Prophet were effectively over. Still, an official peace treaty was needed to bring the conflict to a close.   It took two years to hammer out the famous document, establishing the country of Troyso and making Ramun Seaspire the first king of it. Part of the negotiations was determining where the signing ceremony would take place. The Xedeians and True Believers both insisted on neutral territory, and many of the clans that were to sign also had their own demands. Finally, despite its unsuitable location high in the Shauram Mountains, and the difficulty in getting the dwarves to host, the dwarven stronghold of Den Tharum was chosen.   On the first of Greenbirth, 1073, the treaty was signed by representatives of all four factions, plus the various clans and tribes of the territory. The dwarven representative signed, too, allowing Den Tharum the same semi-autonomous state that Orlelenor would enjoy. Its estimated that about 85% of the signatories to the treaty signed on that day. Others signed later when they came to offer fealty to the newly minted King of Troyso.   To this day, reigning monarchs of Troyso make the hard over-land pilgrimage to Den Tharum to recognize the importance of the treaty, every twenty-fifth year on the first of Greenbirth.


Peace Treaty

Historical Details


Established the country of Troyso and the semi-autonomous bodies of Orlelenor and Den Tharum.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Vellum / Skin
Ratification Date
1 Greenbirth, 1073
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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