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Legratha Stonetaker (Leh-ˈGrah-thah)

General Legratha Deepwalker

A young Paladin when she first joined the True Believers that followed Grei Forethorn in 1045, Legratha Stonetaker soon became head of the militant faction within that group. She rose to prominence among Grei's believers in general, and began to push the notion of military action by the group against the scattered clans and tribes left in the wake of the Triune Republic.   Legratha was a strategical genius, enabling the faction to often win victories far against the odds. It was she who led the troops of the True Believers into battle, and she who shaped them into a fighting force in the first place. Without her leadership, the War of the False Prophet would have ended fairly quickly. Her capture in the final battle of the war is what lead to Grei's downfall, and the collapse of the Believer movement. She was executed in public soon after the Treaty of Den Tharum.
1027 NE 1073 NE 46 years old
Circumstances of Death

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