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Grei Forethorn (Gray)

Prophet Grei Forethorn

Grei Forethorn began the War of the False Prophet when he began claiming to be the one true prophet of all the gods of Ocith, regardless of pantheon. He was an amazingly charismatic speaker, and developed a surprisingly large following. Soon, however, that following became militant.   Grei, himself, did not lead his people into battle. He was busy with the cult-related activities - giving sermons, recruiting, etc. The military mind behind the formation of the True Believer army was Legratha Deepwalker. It is rumored that Grei, himself, never had any plans on a military expansion, but could not say "no" to the insistent Legratha, who was a devoted follower.   Legend has the War of the False Prophet ending with Grei hiding in a cupboard or closet. While that may or may not be fiction, it is true that he was publicly executed shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Den Tharum.
1024 NE 1073 NE 49 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Claimed a priestess presided over his birth and proclaimed him a prophet
Circumstances of Death

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