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Real Aaron

Aaron García (a.k.a. Molly's Maybe Ever After)

This is the kind of person that has had a too easy life, despite the obstacles around him.   His secret? He has the words, the empathy and the smile to bend people to his will. He doesn't always do it on purpose, and even now he doesn't notice that this is a powerful tool. He just tries to live his life, help whenever he can, and had fun arguments during lunch.
Above average
Above average

Physical Description

Body Features

Unlike most people in the city, this young man is blond and quite pale. He uses his hair in an old style that makes him look younger and somehow innocent, an image that his crooked smile breaks easily.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He could have died from an infection as a child, waiting in the emergency room of the public hospital in the port, if his mom hadn't have a friend that passed them first.   He could have been a young criminal, if he hadn't look so kind and weak that all of them preferred to bully him instead of recruiting him.   He could have grown up scared and lonely if he hadn't had a gift to understand what the others wanted or when they needed company, which earned him lots of friends at school.   He did grew up knowing that there was no point in having dreams, though. He wouldn't go far, because he had no money for college and his only gift was a knack for clever answers in the debate team and nobody thought that that would be of any use.   His believed that life was all written already, and he was happy to let it be. When he find out that that wasn't true, he didn't know exactly what to do. So he took his scholarship, a ticket to a different city, and a job that wasn't a dream but allowed him to use his natural charisma and meet all sorts of people.   Only time will tell where this is going.   For now, he's learning about others and, specially, about himself. For instance: he can loose patience and be marveled at the same time when he argues with people that is as good as him in the art of twisting words and thinking fast.   Also, it turned out that he likes girls. At least one, girl. Which may not mean that he only like girls, but, who cares? He's not planning in falling in love with anybody else.   It's kind of odd, actually, to have this feelings.   For a long time others where interested in him, specially because he knew exactly when to be snarky and when to be kind with them. But he didn't know about those reasons, because they never mentioned that. He lived in the east district of The Port, where his appearance was unusual and people cared about that a little too much. He was painfully aware of how some of his peers considered him a cute oddity. It made him feel weird (Insulted? Ashamed of being flattered by that? Maybe... threatened? He was never sure). He preferred to reject any romantic advance and even avoid people that he found attractive in any way. He was always careful to do it in the right way to make them feel that yes, they were the problem, but no, they didn't need to feel bad about it.   Molly took him by surprise. He had just come to the city when they shared a class and he found her quite interesting. He was puzzled by her and liked how she looked. He felt the impulse to put distance as soon as they had to work in the same team, but she was always a bit out of... everything. She didn't care about him being different. For once, nobody in the city cares about those things; on the other hand she wasn't even looking at him, it was as safe as following the social media of an athlete from a different country, right?   Apparently not.   Neither of them had ever flirted of had a crush before, so it took them a while to notice that that was happening. She noticed, actually. He still thinks she may have trick him on that.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • He earned a partial scholarship in a national essay competition
  • He was the third best student in high school
  • He was in the football team that won every game when he was in high school; he wasn't one of the best in the team, but he wasn't bad either.
  • He's never lost a debate.... at least not the ones with rules and a public.
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • He was the third best student in high school
  • Some of the debates he's won had been in favor of terrible ideals that go against his moral code. He didn't mind it, but when Molly pointed out that he would do lots of money defending rich criminals in court he became a bit conflicted about it.
  • Relationships

    Real Aaron

    boyfriend (Important)

    Towards Molly




    girlfriend (Vital)

    Towards Real Aaron



    Neutral good
    Current Status
    Studying. Enjoying the ride.
    Current Location
    Date of Birth
    September, 19
    Year of Birth
    1992 22 Years old
    A nearby port city
    Current Residence
    A students's residence in the old middle class district of A nameless city
    Dark brown, round shaped.
    Blond, short and straight.
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pale white.
    1.67 m

    He wants nothing that finishing his studies, get an office job and be free to find out what he wants during the rest of the day.
    Savvies & Ineptitudes
  • Analytical
  • Good listener
  • Some of his answers are unnecessarily annoying
  • Terrible looser
  • Humble winner
  • Education
    He's a Language and Literacy student at Meadows College.
    Pet Store Clerk.

    He doesn't like his boss and apparently he's allergic to something there, but he is quite good in the job. It's awesome to earn money and meet people at the same time.

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    Author's Notes

    The history. XDDDD I looks like I wrote it, finished it... and then wrote more. I shouldn't like how that went.

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