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Common definition

They say that any normal person has this trait, that it's developed trough our own struggles. They call it either a weakness or a strength. Everyone seems to agree that we need it to survive as species and society. Nobody seems to be doing much to nurture it.   Yeah, we all know that Empathy is a key to understand other human beings, by being able to comprehend what they are feeling, and therefore how they would react. Some use it for good, some use for selfish goals... some never use it at all.   Not many know that this skill may be applied to other species, which -let's be honest- causes a lot of pain. Try to run a farm with empathy, and tell me I'm wrong. Try being a fan of traditional books when you also have empathy toward trees.   Yeah, this ability is a great source for charities, vegans, cat ladies, good caretakers, manipulative villains, and forum threads dedicated to hate a writer for killing certain character.  

For wizards

Empathy is not nurtured in general, but some of the Keepers or the mentors they designated consider that this is a vital skill for leaders.   Most of the magic that affects the mind works better for those with considerable empathy. Some even rely on this quality.

For creatives

While not every artist has a high empathy, for those who have it it seems to be an important piece of the set of qualities that allows them to see and represent the world or living beings. For some, it helps to know the best way to transmit a message or to grow their audience.   For those who are Creatives in the supernatural sense of the word, empathy or imagination are required to perceive the characters they brought to life.
Affected groups
Human beings in general
Chronic, Acquired

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
17 Jan, 2022 15:06

This is funny but really clever to think of Empathy as a condition. If that's the case, I believe that I have been diagnosed with it myself! XD This was a joy to read, and I always enjoy your cute, quirky writing style that speaks directly to the reader in a very interesting but nonchalant way XD