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Aglkuth is a city in Legan. The city is most famous for its medieval history, as it became a major center for traders from the Dulkhi Empire to settle in. The most famous of these settlers by far was a certain Asvlek of Aglkuth, who came to the city as a young man and was taken in by the Atelian guild there. By the time that he was 50, Asvlek was the leader of Aglkuth and had absorbed into its purview several surrounding cities, effectively ruling his own kingdom.   Aglkuth and its surrounding cities would eventually be "inherited" by the Seduni state shortly before Ethel Mezezi's reign began. As Sedun would continue to consolidate control over Legan, Aglkuth would become tied closer and closer to the western kingdoms, although as per the terms of Sedun's inheritance Aglkuth would retain many privileges regarding autonomy and taxes, which to some extent still remain into the modern day.   Aglkuth was also somewhat important for its ties back to Kolaskyva, as it was almost certainly through such ties that the later Atelian invasions of Ethernia would come to start.


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