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The Raicravd Syndicate is more commonly known, in polite society, as the Raicravd Orchestra.
The Syndicate usually acts in small 'bands' that play social events and preside over a different areas of Lord Ciwn.
During important holidays they all get together and play for big events. Sometimes the orchestra itself is the event, and sometimes they accompany a play or opera.
Due to their skill and prevalence as musicians, there is rarely a social event in Lord Ciwn that does not have, at least, three members of the syndicate present. Due to being invited to play at so many events, its is never strange for anyone to see them in private or high security locations. It also makes it difficult for those looking to avoid them to do so.
They take music very seriously and all members are required to be proficient in at least one instrument. The only way around this is to marry into the family, but even then its rare they would accept anyone who couldn't at least keep a tune.


The leader of the Syndicate is called the Conductor.
Under the Conductor is the Concertmaster who is like the second in command.
Beyond that there are many smaller groups, or Sections, each lead by a Principal. The sections are responsible for different areas of Lord Ciwn and also of different business ventures.
(The Concertmaster is also a principle.)
Dissolution Date
Accord 10, Reedi
Illicit, Syndicate
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Raicravd Syndicate
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